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Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Why do most workers notwithstanding that they have been engaged in physical labor for most of their lives don't have explosive power? How did the Spartans and gladiators differ from them? How to get explosive power?

Why do most workers notwithstanding
that they have been engaged in physical labor for most of their lives don't have explosive power?
How did the Spartans and gladiators differ from them?

How to get explosive power?

  The muscles of the worker, work at a monotonous pace every day,
  with the same loads throughout the working day.

  In this mode, the muscles practically do not grow, they work more for endurance.
  Of course you will definitely become somewhat stronger, but further
  a certain ceiling, your strength will not grow.
  Of course there are exceptions among workers, people with great physical strength, but this is more from heredity. main body total

  And long-lasting physical labor, in general, tires muscles and a person weakens,
  Therefore, in the same authoritarian methods of punishment, there has always been work on
  physical exhaustion to a prisoner or slave
  So that the slave is physically weaker than any guard.

  Therefore, monotonous physical labor will not make you stronger,
  A man works through strength, muscles are exhausted, and tired to keep
  the spine is in a straight position, the chest is deformed
  and presses on the lungs
  on the photo "Stalin Gulag"
  it becomes harder to breathe, it complicates aerobic
  enrichment of blood with oxygen.
  There were as many forces as needed to crawl to
  bedding and having difficulty recovering with scarce food
  until the next day.
  This was still perfectly known two thousand years ago,
  how much bread is needed for a slave,
  how much a slave must work, so as not to die from exhaustion.
  In the photo, the Praetorian (the highest Roman aristocracy and exiled to the galleys)
  Same thing about explosive power,
  this was well known in ancient Greece, especially the Spartans.
  What is explosive force?
  This is as much energy as possible allocated for the shortest period of time.
  For example, this is a powerful and fast punch of a boxer,
  or sprinting at maximum speed.
  It is the explosive power needed in a fight and in battle.
  The Spartans devoted their whole lives to the sport and fighting skills of a warrior.
  They competed in strength and dexterity.
  The Spartans trained both for explosive strength and endurance,
  but they despised physical work, they did only sports work,
  They knew how to develop the explosive power, so necessary in a fight and in battle,
  to crush the enemy.
  Imagine that an ordinary Spartan worked on his estate
  corruption commander as a cheap labor
  it was simply impossible.
  The Spartans were and remain only warriors,
  They knew how much a warrior should eat, and what food a warrior should eat.
  and how much to train.
  Unlike bonded and mercenary aggressors,
  who tried to crush Sparta with quantity.
  Spartans were free people
  This is a prime example in history.
  confrontation between explosive power and the quality of free people against
  a huge number of weary and weak-willed from fear forced laborers driven to war.
  They knew perfectly well about explosive power in Ancient Rome,
  The Praetorians knew how to train their legions.
  are those who trained gladiators for the entertainment of the rich.
  Gladiators trained in strength and dexterity,
  including practicing blows and throws and explosive power,
  After training, the gladiators rested well, ate well,
  had enough sleep to fully recover
  and growth of physical strength.
  Unlike ordinary legionnaires,
  gladiators many of whom
  although they were slaves, had more free time to relax,
  and better fed than the soldiers of Rome.
  Their diet was from meat and fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as
  they had full medical care
  The slave owner was motivated that it was his slave gladiator who won in the arena.
  А для этого гладиатор должен иметь все условия для развития
  физической силы, развития взрывной силы.
  And for this, the gladiator must have all conditions for development
  physical strength, the development of explosive strength.
  For some time, the gladiators trained, after which
  had a good rest.
  Explosive power grows only when you work to the limit of your capabilities,
  and then gradually increase the load.
  After which you take a break from heavy exercise for one or two days,
  during a good rest, the muscles recover and grow.
  The greatest gladiator of Spartak with explosive power
  and by nature he had good logical abilities
  with this he was able to raise
  rebellion against Rome and even beat the Roman legions.
  But as you know, without a good food supply and without economic
  knowledge, explosive power for a long time is not enough.
  Spartak had practically no rear, no economic knowledge
  and you cannot feed an army with robberies and raids alone.
  Spartak didn’t know people very well, he was deceived by pirates,
  who betrayed him to Rome,
  refusing to smuggle the rebels across the sea
  and his exhausted army was blocked.
  You must have a good job where you get at least satisfaction,
  quit with stupid work, and energy-intensive work,
  otherwise you lose time and energy.
  Work should not be time consuming and your work should be respected,
  Like your personality.
  You should have enough free time for training and recovery,
  eat well, have a positive mood and motivation,
  Then you can achieve incredible results.
  The simplest blasting exercise is Burpy’s exercise,
  Burpee is a push-up and jump exercise.
  For weight loss, m development of explosive strength is one of the best exercises.
  exercise does not require a prerequisite of going to the gym,
  it can be done at home or outdoors
  the main thing is the availability of free space in the house and your desire.



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