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Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Bra for sports. Sports Bra for large breasts during active exercise has proven itself, protecting the cup of the breast from stretching and micro-injury Sports Bra reliable breast protection during training

Bra for sports.
Sports Bra for large breasts during active exercise has proven itself,
protecting the cup of the breast from stretching and micro-injury

Sports Bra reliable breast protection during training

  How to protect large and medium breasts during physical activity,
  this question has arisen for a long time,
  and is also relevant in our time.
  On the photo, a beautiful young woman with big breasts in a sports bra
  Already in the seventies, when women began to actively play tennis,
  were the first attempts to create a sports bra for women.
  In the photo, the sport top Jogbra is 1977.
  main body total

  With the development of technology and medicine, in our time, new models have been created.

  sports bras for yoga, fitness and running,
  that is, for minor, medium and large physical exertion, different types of sports bras were created.
  An interesting fact was documented with one young and athletic American woman.
  American model Lindsay Pelas decided to check, with the participation of scientists
  how does the 6th-size breast behave during a run?
  Lindsay Pelas herself holds a Bachelor's Degree in History,
  But she was also interested in a scientific experiment involving physicists, mathematicians and doctors,
  in the study of the trajectory of the oscillations of its magnificent bust ,.
  and for all women in general.
  In addition to running, the active load includes tennis, volleyball, fighting sports,
 climbing in the mountains and some other kinds of active activities,
  when a woman's chest can experience, sudden movements with high amplitude,
  Which can stretch the chest or cause microtrauma for the breast.
  Therefore, to protect the breast from injuries during training and a sports bra was created.
  What is the difference between a sports bra and a classic bra?
  If a classic bra usually supports the chest in a vertical
  position with narrow straps and usually has one layer,

  then a sports bra supports the breast in both the vertical and horizontal position,
  in addition, a sports bra, has two layers, one of them is necessarily breathable,
  breathable, so that the skin of this breast and nipple can breathe,
  at the same time this layer, can tightly support the chest,
  fixing cups of the female breast in a certain position, using wide straps,
  which can regulate the fixation of cups of breasts.
  The second layer consists of a denser tissue, but also breathing,
  By design, sports bras
  distinguish between "compression" on the left and "encapsulation"
  on the right in the photo.

  The compression bra presses the chest to the torso and is designed,
  mainly for women with small breasts.
  Wrongly selected compression bra can create
  too much pressure.
 The encapsulating bra supports each breast separately.
  Designed for women with any, but primarily with large breasts.
  The cup of the bra is made of an inextensible fabric.
  Such a bra, as usual, supports the breast without exerting on
  pressure, so you can wear it for a long time (for example
  wear on the morning of the workout day).
  Is it possible to wear a sports bra every day, except for training?
  Many women ask,
  Scientists do not give unambiguous answers, some recommend, even walk
  women without a bra, such as the French scientist Jean Denis Rowallion
  who claims that a long wearing of a bra, weakens the chest
  and the chest atrophies.
  We think that this professor, that he went to one extreme, ..
  gravity has not been canceled, we even decline in growth by one or
  two centimeters in the evening, and no muscles of the back and
  the press do not save,
  at night we are restored, the same with the chest,
  bra is a pillow to support the breast,
  Without a bra, gravity is much stronger pulls the breasts down, ..



  Another thing to sleep or not to sleep in a bra ?, you can decide to
  yourself sleep in a bra or bare chest.
  Many women prefer to sleep without a bra.
  Since it is useful for breathing and blood circulation of the chest vessels.
  Too tight bra will make breathing difficult.
  A bra for sleep is recommended only for women with very large breast,
  who are afraid of losing the shape of the breast.
  On this, perhaps, everything, much depends not only on the bra you wear,
  but also on lifestyle, nutrition, skin care and the general atmosphere where you live.
  What will be the bra of the future?
  What will be a bra in space, time will tell, maybe it will be
  anti-gravity bra, which will save the breast from stretching, micro-injury and other problems.


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