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Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible


Contacts for advertisers and readers bonus_cat@yahoo.com

Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Tickling dangerous or useful? All about tickling Different opinions about tickling When we feel a tickle Why do we get pleasure and suffering at the same time? Interesting facts about tickling

Tickling dangerous or useful?
All about tickling
Different opinions about tickling

Why do we get pleasure and suffering at the same time?
 When we feel a tickle
  Why do we get pleasure and suffering at the same time?
  main body total


  Responds to Nikolai Zakharov, physiologist, candidate of medical sciences:
  - There are different versions, for what purpose did nature create tickling
  And why it causes such a reaction.
  One of the hypotheses: it is a protective reaction of the body,
  it helped our ancestors to quickly detect crawling insects on the skin.
  True, it is not clear: where does the laughter,
  Why do you need to react to insects, laughing?
  I somehow assume that tickling is just needed to establish contact between the cub and his mother,
  she allows them to play, laugh and receive positive emotions.
  In favor of this version, and the fact that with age we cease to react to tickling with laughter.
  On the contrary, it becomes unpleasant for many.
  Adults withstand tickling differently, some do not react at all.
  It depends on the sensitivity of the skin receptors and the characteristics of the nervous system.
  As a rule, those who have increased anxiety perceive it painfully.
  Was torture used by tickling in earlier centuries?
  I did not hear about it. Most likely, these are legends and horror stories,
  tickle not be fatal.
  Tickling is not fatal.
  The organism adapts itself to tickling:
  a person either ceases to feel it, or temporarily loses consciousness.
  No one person can not tickle themselves.
  The question arises: "Why can we become tickled from the touch of another person,
  but we can not make ourselves ticklish ourselves?"
  According to scientists, the cerebellum of the human body is able to distinguish sudden touches from the expected.
  And it affects the reaction to tickling. If we try to tickle ourselves,
  our brain automatically prepares for this action.
  Thus, we will not feel the tickling.
  Probably, various responses of the person to unexpected and expected exist for protection against enemies.
  Stop tickling is quite real. "How?" - you will say.
  Everything is very simple.
  It is necessary to put your hand on the hand of the person who tickles you.
  This method is often used by doctors when they want, for example, to examine the patient's stomach.
  You thus do the same actions as the other person who tickles you.
  The brain reacts to it as if you tickled yourself,
  that's why you are not so sensitive to tickling and not reacting to it that way.
  Places in which the sensitivity to tickling is greatest is the most vulnerable parts of the body during the attack.
  The zone of the armpits and feet are the most sensitive places to tickle.

  If you tickle a person for a long time,
  then over time there have pain that is very difficult to tolerate.
  Incredible power pervades the whole body,
  a person experiences convulsions.
  Nerve centers are excited and the body is in a short-term stressful state.
  All this can lead to a heart attack.
  In addition, prolonged tickling can cause a spasm of the airways,
  because of what a person can suffocate
  Medieval inquisitors knew about this
  and often used torture using tickling.

  Interesting facts about tickling
  Thanks to tickling, you can throw off a couple of extra pounds.
  Since tickling causes laughter, and with prolonged laughter, we lose calories and weight.
  Scientists have proven that 15 minutes of laughter are burned from 10 to 40 calories a day.
  If to count, for a year we lose a couple of kilograms.
  On September 22, 2000, a report was published in Austria by the scientist of the University of London,
  Sarah-Jane Blakemore, the subject of which was tickling.
  Today we recall the most interesting facts from this curious report.

  This of course can not be compared to a gym or diet, but it's also an effective way.
  In addition, this method of weight loss brings a lot of pleasure and positive emotions.
  Concerning the nature of tickling, there are at once three hypotheses
  The first hypothesis states that tickling is the reaction of the human skin to the touch of various small animals and insects.
  That is, the skin warns us in advance about possible danger.
  Laughter, which almost always accompanies tickling,
  occurs after realizing that there is no danger.
  The second hypothesis is more curious: according to her, tickling is something like a "generator of good mood."
  The generator forces the internal resources of the body to work, which fill the blood with useful substances.
  It turns out that tickling contributes to the increase of immunity,
  and also can charge a person with positive emotions.
  True, scientists at the University of California have experimentally proved
  that human convulsions during tickling are not fun.
  Quite the contrary, laughter during tickling contributes to the expression of negative emotions
 - thus a person makes it clear that what is happening to him is unpleasant.
  The third hypothesis suggests that tickling is just a side effect
  of the organism that arose in the process of development of the nervous system and is a kind of boundary
  Between the sensations of pleasure and pain.
  Scientists have conducted an experiment to learn
  The difference between usual laughter and laughter from tickling
  As it turned out, both tickling and laughter usually leads to the activation
  of a part of the brain that controls the movements of the face,
  as well as voice and emotional reactions. However, tickling also activates the hypothalamus,
  which controls body temperature, hunger, fatigue and sexual behavior, instinctive defensive reactions.
  Therefore, as scientists believe, some people start laughing only from one tickling threat.

  Thumb on the foot, it is very sensitive place
  To reduce headaches and cope with stuttering,
  you need to tickle the thumb on the foot from the plantar side.
  The sole is a computer system, where representatives of all organs and systems of the body,
  their nerve endings are laid.
  The more annoying, tickling the feet, the better the overall condition.
  With the use of tickling and foot massage
  We cure headache and insomnia
  Doctors believe that you can not tickle a person forcibly, but titillation for health purposes is very useful.
  using tickling for medicinal purposes, it is better to do this with a feather and not more than 10 minutes.


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