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Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

What woman gets tired at work more? thin woman with small breasts, Or a woman with a large pelvis and large breasts? Women athletes out of competition? Types of female physique test for endurance in work and sports With what type of physique, women get tired more?

What woman gets tired at work more?
thin woman with small breasts, Or a woman with a large pelvis and large breasts?
Women athletes out of competition?

Types of female physique test for endurance in work and sports
With what type of physique, women get tired more?
  Many women probably asked themselves questions,
  why you feel bad at this job, why are you very tired?
  Where will it be good for you, what kind of work suits you?

  Usually tests on power extreme show,
  How strong the human psyche is, and physical preparation.
  To one or another field of activity.

  From the story of one witness of the battle on the beach,
  Between a dense blonde with large breasts and a wide pelvis
  and athletic girl with small breasts,
  But with a developed musculature on the arms and legs,
  Both were about the same height.
  "Well, hold on to your boobs," Dasha suddenly said to my wife.
  - by the end of the fight you will not be able to escape itself.
  My wife was discouraged.
  But ... the man waved his hand, and the battle began.
  Women circled on the sand, not daring to attack each other.
  Another minute and Natasha fell to the ground, along with her rival.
  I could not see the faces of my passion, only Dasha's back, but I heard Natasha's heavy breathing,
  My wife was lying on the ground, her face was bruised, the swimsuit had moved away,
  demonstrating enormous, swaying breasts.
  She apparently expected a slower, stronger struggle, which would give her an advantage,
  Thanks to its heavier weight, strong and powerful thighs, hands.
  And she did not expect such a quickness from her rival.

  Sports in extreme conditions show,
  How hardy your muscles are, your psyche,
  After what time comes fatigue and how strong or weak competitors in comparison with you.
  Leaders tend to have strong moral and strong-willed qualities.
  Let's look again at the powerful body of the athletes.

  As you know, there are three main types of physique
  Fragile with a narrow bone, medium and with a wide bone,
  The first owners of the most likely slender body, with minimal muscle and fat mass,
  They have a fairly fast metabolism.
  The second type of women has a rather sportive body or just a strong physique with a good muscle mass,
  And the third type of female physique is the possessor of a Thick body,
  With a high fat content and slow metabolism.
Characteristics Fragile body athletic body thick body
The rate of fat burning fast fast slow
The rate of muscle building slow fast fast
Energy level fast fast slow
main body total

  Of course, there are not always pure types of physique,
  For example a pear-shaped woman, has a narrow top,
  but the breasts may not always be great, hands can be thin,

  и классический широкий низ, с избыточным количеством жира на бедрах.
  And a classic wide pelvis, with an excessive amount of fat on the hips.
  Of course physically more hardy women of athletic body
  Possessing more powerful musculature.
  They are usually stronger than slender beauty girl, from the office
  On the photo of the women's championship on the escape,
  Pay attention to the physique of athletes.
  Women of a thick build,
  with large breasts and wide hips, quickly get tired,
  It is more difficult for them to coordinate their movements,
  In the photo the larger rival crouched in pain
  During the fall and rolls on the asphalt due to pain,
  The more light and thin girl flies over her, and runs on ,.
  Large female ass in high heels, it is hard and brittle structure,
  It turns out like a mast during a storm
  Swaying and, here it is possible, capsize and get injured.
  And if you add a very tall rival, with a big ass,
  Then such a pendulum becomes not very stable, ..
  Full of women is not so easy as the rest,



  You have to pull excess weight,
  and muscle mass very often does not correspond to their weight.
  There is a rapid muscle fatigue,
  As a result, fat women become very fatigued.
  They get tired faster than skinny and athletic women.
  Women of fat physique with large breasts,
  Can experience problems, with active training,
  The breast is exposed to microtrauma, stretched and can fall even lower,
  Large breasts can cause problems for the spine, and also sweat.
  Therefore, medical specialists developed
  Sports bras for large breasts.
  In fashion magazines, the big breasts look pretty attractive: a lush high bust, beautiful nipples.
  However, this looks, as a rule, a breast with an implant (or pretty photo-tapped real).
  Natural large breasts have the form of a droplet, weighted below.
  The mammary glands do not have a powerful musculoskeletal device for fixing them to the chest.
  On 90% they consist of fatty tissue.
  Due to this, the mammary glands have greater elasticity and mobility.



  Among this fiber are the lobules of the mammary glands,
  ending in the nipple with milk ducts.
  The function of fixation to the chest, and specifically
  to the pectoral muscles lying under the mammary glands,
  Performs covering her skin and Cooper ligaments,
  which attach adipose tissue to the skin.
  Thus, the fixation of the mammary glands to the chest from the nature is rather weak.
  Women with large breasts are very difficult to keep a beautiful posture constantly,
  Because it's just hard.
  At the same time between the shoulder blades begins to hurt their back: the weight of the chest makes itself felt.
  During motor activity the human body is exposed
  Various physical and mechanical influences.
  Sports activities cause a constant load on the breast.
  In this case, the amplitude for the movement
  of the glands can reach large sizes - up to 21 cm up or down,
  But also in the lateral direction.
  Under these conditions, the skin of breast and Cooper's ligaments easily stretched, loosened,
  Which is accompanied by excessive lowering of the breast.
  Women with large breasts are forced to wear bras,
  otherwise gravity pulls the breasts down ..





  Studies have shown that the breast can move in three directions,
  And not just to jump down-up, as it seems in appearance.
  If a woman is walking on a treadmill,
  Then the chest moves from side to side, and from itself to itself.
  If your big chest causes back pain, choose cardio-load.
  Such as tourism, cycling, swimming or brisk walking.
  This will require less jumping movements, which cause particular discomfort.
  Well, and those women who want to continue professional sports,
  Sports bra recommended
  Well, now about the merits, women with big breasts,
  about the merits of women with big ass in these places accumulate fat.
  A fat is lighter than water, has a positive buoyancy.
  It is this part of women who will have more chances
  To survive for example during the Flood.
  Large breasts in dense and thick women, will work as life jackets.
  They already almost do not need to learn to swim,
  You can immediately improve the technique of swimming.
  In the photo everyone knows the owner of the big ass
  And big breasts of Kim Kardashian
  That's why you need a big ass and big breasts,
  The amount of fat in the body provides positive buoyancy.
  In the photo, the American women's swimming team,
  That's what distinguishes those who are engaged in swimming from those who are engaged in the gym ,.
  Representatives of swimming have strong muscles, but they do not stand out strongly against the background of fat.
  A thin woman or a woman with powerful muscles does not have such buoyancy as dense or fat women,
  Muscles are heavier than water and pull to the bottom, that's why, female bodybuilders swim worse,
  Than fat women.
  and too thin women, the bones are pulled to the bottom ,.
  Someone created different types of physique of people, different psychotypes of people,
  That would in a particular situation have survived a part of humanity.
  In the photo, a woman is a climber with a minimum amount of fat and developed musculature.
  Ascent to the speed, on the steps, there is also an explosive force with muscle mass.
  And here it seems, the most important thing is not strength, but endurance,
  Only dry sturdy women, endurance race, women's marathon.
  And here too most, you can not see any women with a large bust, at a marathon distance,
  Only hardy women, perform in the struggle for endurance.
  That's it, you can endlessly discuss this topic.
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