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Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Why during dating is not necessary to give gifts to women?
Woman and money, girls and alpha males,girls and helpless intelligent men.


Why during dating is not necessary to give gifts to women?

 The thing is that if you start to curry favor with the beauty, give her gifts, to do a lot of attention and familiar at all to do some things for free.
  A woman stops respect you and will use you, you do not win her heart, you will not succeed.
  Straight in the eye, she will not tell you not when,
  what she thinks, and to think about it you can quite another.
  The fact that many girls make love with some guys, such as alpha males,

  main body total

  With you, these girls just like to make friends, but really they just use you, what would you like, free of charge repaired creaking door.
  Because such things will not do exactly the alpha male or the pilot of the aircraft, with the pilot girl will make love.
  While beauty student is sleeping with the pilot of the aircraft,
  bespectacled nerd student decides for her homework,
  here and so for a kiss sly girl wriggle out of difficult situations,
  pass examinations and at the same time looking for and get acquainted with a promising young people.

  You say the world is not fair?
  Why do beautiful women, sleep with some men, and other men, women require gifts and give nothing in return any money or love?
  The world is really unfair, someone has a lot of power and money,
  who is sitting at the controls of a large aircraft,
  and at night deals with the most beautiful pussies love
  Well, someone has to put the toilets and work as a loader
  or carry bricks at a construction site and so every day.
  Alas this is so, the girls respected great-looking villains more
  than smart nerds, well on ordinary workers do not even look.
  So the world, women are opting for alpha males, girls choose strong.
  Because they see them as reliable defenders and future successors of some sort.
  But you can change your life if you review the system of values in the world.
  Why do I even banishing the beauties average?
  Because I became quoted above my earnings are higher,
  my dignity has risen and it felt women.

  Only in this case, beautiful women have become interested in me,
  I just show off so I "cool pepper" and I probably looking man,
  but I'm such a method to filter the material concerned women and observed the more modest girls.
  if I do not respect myself then who will respect me and who I regret?
  No no, you can only change yourself, and then you will be a different attitude.
  If women present themselves as a commodity, then you need to treat them as a commodity.
  And this product more perishable, women why they forget about it,
  female beauty is temporary,
  today's women's elastic ass, tomorrow will be a flabby,
  beautiful face covered with wrinkles and sagging, firm breasts sag, ..
  I do not do anything just for women,
  I began to deal with women as an alpha male,
  this woman let him serve me,
  love me and give me gifts, then maybe I will look at one of the beauties.
  Previously, when I did not have some knowledge,
  I helped some of his girl friend,
  these girls do a lot of things for free, but to be friends with me they did not want much.
  But here they are, to me, for help accessed quite often that I spent my time on them and free them to do something, but those days are over.
  Now I look at the majority of women as consumers of pleasure and as a commodity sells itself.
  If women want to sell yourself then you need to include them as a commodity,

  here there is no love at all.
  Yes, yes, that's right, and you thought you were in a fairy tale, most women choose men not for love but for economic reasons.
  Women are very practical and do not do anything for nothing.

  Unlike you, young men, as you throw money and love but love will not let you.
  That's it that's young men, girls want to deceive you.
  The lower your social status, the harder it will be to win the heart,
  girl Model, singer or actress is also not forget.
  Or you do not agree, and have seen really to opera singer married a welder?

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