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Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

-- A resident killer whales and a transit killer whales , what's the difference? Lifestyle and food of the killer whales(Orcas) of residents and transit. Assaults of killer whales on whales, how killer whales terrorize whales? The tactics and strategy of killer whales(Orcas) during the attack on whales, who in the herd of killer whales is the main, male or female? What kinds of whales can fight with killer whales? What kinds of whales can give a strong rebuff to killer whales? What kinds of whales can not protect themselves?

A resident killer whales and a transit killer whales , what's the difference?
Lifestyle and food of the killer whales(Orcas) of residents and transit.
Assaults of killer whales on whales, how killer whales terrorize whales?
The tactics and strategy of killer whales(Orcas) during the attack on
whales, who in the herd of killer whales is the main, male or female?
What kinds of whales can fight with killer whales?
What kinds of whales can give a strong rebuff to killer whales?
What kinds of whales can not protect themselves?

Orca whales while hunting
Battle of killer whales with whales
  As you know, killer whales have a wide range of food from small fish such as herring,
  before the assault and killing of large animal.
  The way of life of killer whales also differs, some killers prefer
  a certain area of residence, a certain place of residence
  such killer whales are called residents,
  they prefer to live in a particular place in the world's ocean.
  Other killer whales often migrate, make thousands of kilometers
  transitions in the oceans, they are called transit killers.
  In the photo, the family of transit killers
  Naturally, the way of life of transit killer whales and killer
  whales of residents (local killer whales) is different.
  main body total

  Orcas of residents usually eat a variety of fish,
  as well as cephalopods.
  The strategy and tactics of resident killer whales is,
  surround the fish in the ring, and attack from all sides the frightened fish.
  A flock of killer whales in a leisurely broad chain, patrolling the surface
  ocean, orcas actively use echolocation and talk among themselves,
  When the killer whales detect a large flock of fish,
  a wide chain of killer whales co-ordinates around it from all sides,
  The frightened fish gets lost in a dense pile, after which the killer whales
  Rapidly attack and strike their tails, stunning as much as possible
  more fish, and then swallow prey.

  The strategy and tactics of transit killer whales can be quite
  different, during whaling (during an attack on whales,),
  Whales can hear the killer whales,
  If the killer whales will use echolocation,
  so the transit whales swim in absolute silence mode,
  while searching for whales until they find whales,
  otherwise the whales will hear the killer whales from a long distance
  and safely leave the killer whales.
  How, then, do the killer whales find whales?
  It's simple, in genetic memory
  killers know at what time of year whales migrate and where they can already
  presumably located, for example, for procreation and the withdrawal of offspring.
  That's where the transit killer whales go,
  on photo, killer whales swam in a silent mode,
  killer whales swim wide front
  Until they hear the supposed sounds of whales,
  and will not further establish visual contact with alleged victims,
  When the killer whales discovered a family of whales, they are
  looking for the baby or the weakest member of the family,
  In the pack of killer whales, there is matriarchy, the main killer whale,
  his flock, during the attack,

  as a rule, it is already a mother, with a great life experience
  (female killer whales live on average 40 years and less often to 50-60 years,
  males usually live 30-40 years,)
  Males of the killer whale cover a flock of whales from the sides and take in the ring,
  and the main female, and other women of the killer whale
  and young adolescents and cubs, is somewhere nearby.
  Further, the males of killer whales, begin to attack and separate the weak whale,
  or a young whale from a pack, this can also be
  Lagging whale from the herd or weak or sick whale.
  Surrounding the victim, killer whales begin merciless terror, first they
  just drive the victim and grope for weak spots in the whale.
  they bite the whale in vulnerable parts of the body.
  the whale is trying to escape the killer whales, sometimes jumps out of the water,
  Kit tries to beat the killer whales using the tail,
  to stun the killer whale with a powerful tail
  On the photo, killer whales attack a large blue whale,
  But killer whales are agile hunters and ruthless predators,
  if the wounded whale is not helped,
  other whales, the whale is doomed.
  A flock of hungry and voracious killer whales will not let him go,
  Even if the whale is huge and large, killer whales will drive i
  to physical exhaustion, they can not immediately kill a huge whale,
  Since the whale is still a strong animal, some species of whales can
  To rebuff the killer whales, we'll talk about them below.
  Whatever the whale has lost as much blood and strength as possible,
  killer whales continuously chasing him
  and continuously bite, killer whales bite his tongue, fins, throat,
  What would not fall under the impact of the tail from an angry whale,
  usually killer whales begin to attack the whale from the head, bite it by the tongue,
  Killer whales open the whale's mouth and bite it at the tongue, clinging to it,
  the Killer whales try to drown the whale,
  not allowing the whale to float and breathe.
  This spectacle is really cruel,
  kill the whale quickly, orcas lacking strength
  so they doom the whale to unbearable suffering.
  When the whale is exhausted, females and young orcas also connect to the hunt.
  The killed whale,
  killer whales eat not completely, but only the most
  nutrient parts of the whale's organs, tongue, lips, etc.
  Most of the whale's corpse will decay in the ocean and be eaten up
  sea scavengers

  Of course, not always whales die, surviving whales remain with scars,
  According to observations of scientists, more than half of adult whales have
  scars from the bites of killer whales, lacerations in the form of scars,
  these are traces and consequences from the attack of killer whales.
  And this young whale was less fortunate,
  the photo of the body of the deceased and the traces of the killer whale bites.
  In the photo, a torn carcass, a gray whale after an attack of killer whales. .
  And this gray whale survived a meeting with killer whales,
  but lost part of the tail, also visible numerous scars,
  in the second half.
  The unenviable fate of gray whales, the killer whale attacks the gray whale, ..
  The female of the gray whale is trying to save the cub.
  In the photo, the killer whale kills a gray whale, 2007 off the coast of Alaska.
  Obviously, a large loss of blood in a gray whale is associated,
  so that the killer whale has already bitten off part of the tongue,
  Of course gray whales like trying to protect themselves from killer whales,
  they migrate to the shoreline,
  An interesting feature of gray whales is their atmospheric drying,
  when the whale, goes to shallow water and most of the trunk
  is exposed during low tide, thus the whale is freed from
  parasites in the surf zone, with a high tide the whale goes to a depth,
  apparently the gray whale has not completely lost touch with the land during evolution,
  They can dry out at low tide without prejudice to themselves,......
  whales swim with a tide, this quality helps them also to save
  themselves from killer whales and sharks.
  The whale almost throws itself ashore, avoiding the persecution of killer whales,
  and waits until the killer whale will not go away.
  The killer whale, unlike the gray whale,
  will not be able to stay in an open atmosphere for a long time and lie in a strip
  surf, at risk of getting stuck on the shore and suffocating.
  Gray whales literally roll in the surf zone,
  that would clean off the parasites.
  Often, some species of seabirds, for example, apatite (Fratercula
  corniculata), seagull-burgomaster (Larus hyperboreus) and polar tern
  (Sterna paradisaea), and other birds eat parasites from the skin of whales.
  Sometimes gray whales go into freshwater lagoons, water in
  which kills the outer parasites.

  Not all whales are so vulnerable to killer whales, some species of whales,
  can give a worthy rebuff to killer whales and even protect others.
  Many probably read or watched a movie about Moby Dick
  we are talking about toothed whales of sperm whales,
  With this type of whale, killer whales prefer not to get involved,
  mostly killer whales, can attack young and females,
  But even a herd of females with cubs, acting in concert,
  can drive away killer whales.
  There were few reported cases of death of females and young
  sperm whales from attacks of killer whales.
  In 2003, a case was described where a flock of about 20 killer whales
  attacked near the coast of Papua New Guinea on a group of 12
  sperm whales, but this observation is not considered scientifically fully reliable.
  Successful killer whale attacks on adult sperm whales, given the enormous strength
  these whales, at the moment has not yet been recorded.
  However, all without exception sperm whales, beware of killer whales
  and they try to avoid meeting with them.
  One of the advantages of a sperm whale before a killer whale is, deep
 Immersion to a depth of up to two kilometers, in the case of an attack of killer whales,
  The sperm whale can go to a depth where the killer whale does not reach him.
  The killer whale rarely sinks deeper than 300 meter
  While the favorite depth of immersion in killer whales generally 20-60 meters.
  Therefore, the tactic of attack of killer whales on sperm whales is different than on gray whales.
  Killer whales are trying to keep the sperm whale on the surface of the ocean.
  This is in theory, but in practice
  in the battle with sperm whales, killer whales have little chance of winning,
  Toothed whales, organize tight protection, covering the cubs
  and weak members of their family clan,
  and the killer whale, for all its skill, the killer whale,
  risks running into powerful blows and bites from a whole group of sperm whales.
  Given the parental instinct of females with children and violent temper
  and the enormous power of males, killer whales should not be considered for victory.
  As a rule, killer whales have received a powerful rebuff, from sperm
  whales, they leave   , go away.
  Sperm whales are social and intelligent animals that have sufficient
  physical strength, that would give a hard fight, even for
  such an absolute predator as a killer whale.
  There are very few recorded deaths even of female sperm whales.
  And it's not surprising, sperm whales are not safe,
  This predatory species of toothed whales in the diet which includes
  usually fish and cephalopods,
  The sperm whale hunts on fairly large marine animals,
  squid, octopus and some species of sharks are food for the sperm whale.
  Insecure sperm whale and for a human, a frightened female sperm whale with a cub,
  or male Sperm whale can easily broken the boat and damage a small boat,
  Sperm whale teeth reach an average of 20 cm and weigh 1.5-2 kilograms,
  theoretically the sperm whale is able to swallow a human.
  the mouth of a sperm whale,
  much larger than that of baleen whales,
  which feed on plankton, in contrast to the sperm whale that swallows squid.
  On the Internet, there is information about swallowed people,
  and even the surviving whalers, in the time of Victorian Britain,
  in particular about the swallowed seaman in 1896 from the Falkland Islands.
  And who allegedly was taken alive from the stomach of the dead whale.
  as reported by The New York Times on November 26, 189
  It was a missing seaman, unconscious, but alive.
  Who spent 36 hours inside the sea monster.
  But to survive in the whale's stomach, a person would not be physically fit and suffocated
  from suffocation and was exposed to gastric acid.
  Sperm whale can swallow a person,
  But surviving in the stomach is more like a myth
  In historical facts it is fixed, when the sperm whale attacked ships, causing serious damage, ..
  In the era of whaling, the ship Essex,
  displacement of 238 tons,
  went on fishing from the port in Massachusetts in 1819.
  For almost a year and a half the crew beat whales in the South Pacific,
  while one large whale (estimated specialists about 26 meters in length) when under normal
  the size of the whale about 18-20 m) sperm whale did not stop their fishing.
  November 20, 1820 in the Pacific, a whaling ship
  was attacked several times by a giant whale.
  The ship was so severely damaged that it quickly sank.
  Another kind of whale, which is able to almost equally fight with the killer whale,
  This humpback whale,
  on pictured a humpback whale vs a killer whale.
  In the photo a female humpback whale, guarding her cub.
  The humpback whale covers the seal from the attack of the killer whale,
  in the photo a humpback whale will save the seal.
  A humpback whale protects a woman from a tiger shark.
  As we see some whales, they can protect a person.
  As for example dolphins, including other animals.
  Female whales can be accompanied by adult whales-guards.
  - they protect the cub,
  even though they are not their own child,
  they help his mother resist orcas.
  For the mother of a humpback whale, this help is invaluable,
  if you consider that they give birth to one cub every two years
  and the loss of even one is an irreplaceable loss.
  However, for gluttonous killer whales this is not an argument.
  Humpback whales, have developed their tactics of protection, they leave the killer whales,
  hiding under the bottom of the ships or leaving in shallow water.
  Comparative sizes of different species of whales and killer whales.
  The blue whale reaches a length of almost 30 meters,
  Sperm whale average size of an adult whale is 19 meters,
  Gray whale length 15 meters
  The humpback whale is about 14 meters long.
  And their eternal enemy is the killer whale, the size of the killer whales reaches 8 meters,
  and females about 6 meters.


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