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Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

How not to get into the underwater captivity ?, and other dangers for diving. Underwater hazard to divers. These may be most is an unexpected The most dangerous places under water as well as dangerous places for swimming. The most dangerous place under water, girls diver and the dangers lying in wait for them

How not to get into the underwater captivity ?,
and other dangers for diving.
Underwater hazard to divers. These may be most is an unexpected
The most dangerous places under water
as well as dangerous places for swimming

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Sudden attack of a huge octopus attacked a woman diver

The most dangerous place under water,
girl diver and the dangers lying in wait for them

You, as always think that this is the most dangerous sharks,  
   poisonous snakes, poisonous jellyfish and fish.  
   But an even greater danger to humans, it is human stupidity,   
  non-observance of elementary safety rules under the water,   
  and ordinary swimmers in the water.   
  In the photo she fell into the underwater captivity, in the usual pool   
  Pump updates the water dragged her hand into the pipe

  main body total


  In the photo a woman diver tries to escape, release her hand   
  Some pictures from the famous movie,.
 And these divers were simply been forgotten, in the ocean,
  on the stupidity of the human factor.  
   and left them to swim with sharks,.
  Causes of accidents in diving  
  Depth does not forgive mistakes and carelessness,
   so divers need to go through special training before diving,  
  includes certain measures to ensure the safety of diving.
   Often, as practice shows,   
 causes of certain problems  
  when diving is unreasonable risk  
  (Where divers simply overestimated their capabilities)  
  panic, ignorance of the essential foundations of the theory of diving,  
  as well as qualities such as irresponsibility and psychological immaturity.
  On a photo of a beautiful woman diver

  In the photo the girl diver, decided to find treasures


  But the unexpected happened, exit to the surface, blocking the dam stones


  The girl did not lose her,   
  and tries to free the passage of stones.
  What would she come to the surface
  to the exit


 According to statistics, girls are more careful and cautious under water than men.
   For example, more than 30% of the number of students in underwater centers are women,  
  but only 10% of the deaths occur among divers with their participation.
  Under water there ladies and gentlemen.  
  If a woman has decided to become a good diver,  
  it must do by their male partner without the help and care.
  This athlete-WOMAN should be autonomous and independent.
  Strategically, it is important to carry, assemble and disassemble the equipment is very,  
  not trusting this thing to anyone.
  In an emergency, the water are all equal.  
  There is no element of preference.
  the woman diver should be responsible for the serviceability of equipment   
  and prepare it for immersion,  
    because it affects not only her health, but life.  
  In the photo a bold and a beautiful woman looking for sea adventures

  Strong underwater currents, caves, underwater cliffs the cusps,  
   Risk to the diving  
  In the photo a woman diver explores cusps or coral reefs.
  Skeletons of dead, aircraft, ships also pose a risk.

  Statistics divers deaths  
  90% at the time of death was on them weight belt.  
  86% at the time of death were alone.
   50% is not pumped them buoyancy compensator.  
  25% noticed on the surface of the problem, 50% died, while on the surface.  
  10% died during the study.  
  10% received advice to abandon the dive due to poor health.  
  5% dive in the cave.  
  1% of the "rescuers" have themselves become victims of  

  Diving - one of the favorite entertainment thrill.  
  The feeling of total isolation, tranquility dark deep waters  
  allow completely abandon the ordinary world.  
  Recreational divers enjoy the study of coral reefs
   and other interesting specimens of marine life,  
  and some diving enthusiasts decided on more  
  - Dangerous dive to great depths,
   to explore previously unexplored areas of the underwater world  
  and see something,  
  previously unseen.  
  It is this desire attracts lovers of underwater exploration  
  the most dangerous place in the world for diving.  

  10. Jacob's Well in Texas
 On the surface of Jacob's well, located to the south-west  
  from the city of Austin, Texas,  
  It looks like a normal lake.  
  But beneath the calm surface of the water lies the most dangerous abyss  
  - Profound "network" of at least 4 of underwater caves.
   To get to the first or to the second cave for experienced divers  
  usually not a problem - except maybe a few close passages.  
  But in the third underwater cave diving enthusiasts waiting  
  the real danger in the form of gravel and close space:  
  stirred up silt with gravel, divers do not see anything in the dirty,  
  muddy water, do not know where to go  
  and in a panic consume oxygen supply much faster.  
  Well James, killed at least eight divers.
  9. Cocos Island, Costa Rica
 The main reason why the island is considered to Cocos  
  one of the most dangerous places for diving
  - Is its remoteness from other settlements.  
  The island is completely allocated for the national reserve,  
  Located more than 500 kilometers  
  on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica - to get to it by boat,  
  It takes about 35 hours.  
  Diving enthusiasts awaits many dangerous adventures  
  - Including the risk of meeting with various kinds of sharks  
  and giant stingrays - "Sea Devils".     8. The Great Blue Hole, Belize
  Great Blue Hole, located off the coast of Belize  
  - This is pure water, a fascinating underwater life  
  and the ability to dive to greater depths is dangerous.  
  The depth of the blue abyss of approximately 124 meters,
   and many divers test their strength,  
  I am trying to dive to a depth of as much as possible  
  and see something unseen before.  
  This is where the diving and waiting for the danger.  
  At a depth of up to 33 meters of the "wall" ocean depths are completely transparent,
  but then the divers waiting for sharp,  
  jagged formation of stalactites on the limestone "walls".  
  7. Sinkholes Tulum, Mexico
 Sinkholes are located directly below the famous ruins  
  Tulum on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico
   - Another popular and extremely dangerous place for diving.  
  The network of underwater caves connected by a narrow passage,  
  It is dangerous even for experienced divers.  
  No shutter is not provided,  
  and the only way to get down - just jump in failure.  
  Inside, under the water, it is very easy to lose sense of direction,  
  lost and panic,  
  exhausted his supply of oxygen.
   That is what happened in 1996, just two divers  
  - Father and son, who died during a dive.
   6. "Devil's Cave", Ginnie Springs, Florida
  Ginnie Springs - a popular place for diving in the cave,  
   It is located approximately 70 kilometers north-west  
   from the city of Gainesville, Florida.     
   At first glance, diving Ginnie Springs - it is a pleasure:  
   water temperature all year round does not fall below 22-23 degrees Celsius,  
   so there is no need to wear a tight suit.  
   Especially noteworthy for diving three submarine caves,  
   which are called "Little Devil", "Devil's Eye" and "Devil's Ear" - they  
   considered the most dangerous because of the very strong undercurrents.  
   The "Devil's Ear" can get into the funnel so strong  
   that divers gear literally spins.  
   5. German submarine, NJ
  Approximately 120 kilometers from the coast of New Jersey  
  It is a relic of the Second World War - a German submarine.
   In 1991 the ship has found an American diver  
  learn in advance about the alleged whereabouts of the submarine.  
  The remains of the U-869 were found at a depth of 73 meters - dangerous for anyone  
  even a professional diver.  
  Three divers who took part in the detection of the sunken ship,  
  died, exploring the surrounding area.  
  Very large depth, low water temperature  
  and strong underwater currents make the place of the submarine sinking  
  one of the most dangerous for diving.
  4. Underwater cave in Mount Gambier, Australia
  Mount Gambier in South Australia  
  - "Home" some of the most interesting (and most dangerous)  
  places for cave diving.  
  The area abounds with lakes,  
  underwater caves and craters,  
  to conquer the brave divers from all over the world.  
  Particularly dangerous is the "Well" - a huge network of underwater caves  
  with crystal-clear water, which is preceded by a narrow, narrow passage,   
  by which you must go down to 8 meters under water.  
  Due to the depth and underwater caves complex layouts "Well"  
  He claimed the lives of many diving enthusiasts.  
  3. Funnel "Eagle's Nest" Ueki Wachee, Florida
  Another dangerous places for diving in the "Sunshine State" -  
  crater named "Eagle's Nest» (Eagle's Nest).
  Located in the remote western region of Ueki Uechi,
   crater different huge depth (approximately 315 meters)  
  which it is extremely risky deep even for the most experienced divers.  
  The deeper the diver descends sinking,  
  the stronger the effect of the so-called "nitrogen intoxication"
   which causes a feeling of euphoria  
  and disorientation - and as a result of the diver does not notice  
  the remaining supply of oxygen  
  or simply lost somewhere in deep water.  
  This is how the deadly funnel killed several people.  

  2. hole, Samal Island San, Thailand
 The so-called hole  
  in the Gulf of Thailand - is very popular among divers place  
  and at the same time very dangerous for several reasons.  
  The first - is the depth: to conquer the 85-meter depth of the ocean depths
   Only experienced divers with the appropriate equipment.
   The second danger that awaits divers  
  - A strong underwater currents: one diver recalled
   that, emerging, found himself a few kilometers
  from the dive site, and saved him only a passing ocean-going trawler.
   Finally, the third and very dangerous - unexploded bombs  
  which is still resting on the bottom,  
  since previously the area was the site for the disposal of military waste.  
  1. Blue Hole, Dahab, Red Sea
  Notorious Blue hole provided her undisputed first place  
   in any list of the most dangerous places in the world for diving,  
   and a record number of casualties  
   - Given the informal name "Tomb of the diver".  
   By itself, the Blue Hole
   - An underwater crater about 130 meters deep.  
   The main "bait" for divers - a "arch"
    through which you can swim in the open water.  
   However, the problem is that the depth of the "arch" of 56 meters,  
   while the maximum permitted depth for the dive divers amateur
   - Only 40 meters.  
   At such depths, many divers lose sense of direction,  
   float by "arch" that prints in the open water,  
   and sink even lower self "digging" their own grave.  
   The most conservative estimate, only in the last 10 years in the Blue Hole  
   killing about 150 people.
   Meeting with marine animals and fish  
   The same is not always safe, big fish, can damage your equipment,  
   So hurt you.  
  In the photo a large sea bass and woman diver
 Woman swims among the jellyfish,  
   Some jellyfish are poisonous and sting,.   
  You do not need to touch the animal about which you know nothing, ..
  And another picture with a curious woman who wants to touch marine life.
  A man and a woman picked up a starfish.
  Дополнительная Информация взята вот от сюда http://dive-baikal.ru/articles/214119

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