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Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Orca intelligent sea animal. Killer Whale the strongest marine predator. Killer Whale being reasonable. Orca friend or foe?

Orca intelligent sea animal.
Killer Whale the strongest marine predator.
Killer Whale being reasonable.
Orca friend or foe?


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Open water and an approaching killer whale what to do?

Killer Whale is one of the most intelligent marine animals.
Orca friend or foe?

  In this topic, we'll talk about killer whales,
  this marine predatory mammal possessing high intelligence  
   having a high intelligence,  
   like its smaller relative of the Dolphin.

  main body total

  You could say that killer whale and dolphin, the same,
  they are similar, they are relatives,
  only much bigger killer whale and has great mobility,

  Killer Whale can swim quickly accelerated to 55 kilometers per hour,
  It's faster than the speed of a dolphin swims which usually ranges from 35-45 km per hour.
  A case where specifically decided to find out how fast swims dearie?
  The American ship "Monterey", coming at an average rate of 36 - 39 km per hour,
  specifically collect information about the speed of toothed whales.
  On that ship watched killer Whale - the best runner among cetaceans - moved for 20 minutes, at a variable rate from 38 to 55 kilometers per hour !!
 it speaks of great physical power and endurance killer.
  The photo whale floating at the maximum speed.
  Video: Speedboat with passengers on board, orcas chase boat.
  Watch the video and you will see orca swims very quickly.
  Deeply mistaken those who thought,
 killer whale that once big and fat that should swim slowly.
  This is not so.,
  On video you will see killer whales swimming very fast and does not lag behind the boat.

  Featuring fantastic strength and large sizes
  killer whale has no enemies except man in the ocean.

 Orca males can reach impressive sizes 8 to 10 meters and weigh up to 8 tons,
  the average female killer whales grow up to 7 meters and weighs about 4 tons,
  but the average length of 5-6 meters killer whales.

  Killer Whale has greater physical capacity than any shark,
  killer whale swims faster than most sharks, mako sharks except that can accelerate to 60 kilometers per hour.   
  Discuss who is stronger or killer whale shark?  
   Does not make sense.  
  Killer whale many times stronger than even the great white shark.  
   Weight orcas many times greater than the weight of a great white shark which rarely exceed 1.5 - 2 tons.  
  On average, white shark swims at a speed of 30-35 kilometers per hour,  
   but during the great white shark attack, make the throws of up to 40 -50 km per hour, fast enough.  
   But the killer whale swims faster than 55 kilometers per hour.  
   Intellect orcas close to human, killer whale has consciousness,
  killer whales has memory and many other things that people have and then those feelings.
    Great white shark predatory fish smart enough compared with other fish,
  but other than instinct shark nothing oppose,   orcas.
  Shark too stupid, that would defeat the killer whale
  In the photo clash largest great white shark with killer whale.

  Perhaps because of its shark mad instinct,  
   first attack the killer whale.

  But the outcome of the fight. will be such.

  The conclusion is: While playing killer whale easily can kill any shark.
  The photo gnawed and dead shark, after the battle with the killer whale.

  Typically orcas killing sharks never eats them completely,  
   leave lunch the other inhabitants of the ocean and sea gulls.   
  One of the few advantages of sharks is to go to a greater depth,
  and to escape from the orcas,
  some species of sharks may go down very deep and 900 meters and even kilometers deep.
  Orca usually dives to a depth of no more than 300 meters,  
   and can therefore be easily located at a depth of 20 minutes.  
   But typically killer love is at the water surface,  
   orcas usually like to dive at a shallow depth of 30-60 meters.  
   After all, the main place of hunting whales in the narrow coastal strip of the continental shelf,  
   where whale hunting is   
  on marine mammals, fur-seal, seals, walruses, penguins,  
   in the open ocean, orca attack on large whale at the water surface.   
  Until now, many do not understand the behavior of the whales,  
   why do not they go to a depth inaccessible to killer whales,   
  why they do not save lives in this way?
  It is known that whales can dive to a depth of kilometers and even twice as much.
  While records of whales recorded at a depth of 2200 m.  
   It is at such a distance from the surface of the sea in 1951 was discovered a whale caught in a telegraph cable  
   connects the capital of Portugal from Malaga.  
   And this case - is not the only one.
    Emergency Court of more than a dozen times raised with ocean bottom cables  
   damaged sperm whales entangled in them.  
   At depths of 910 to 1128 meters, for example, it has happened five times.
  Some of the information here is taken from here

 Shark, killer whale can meet in the coastal zone and in the open ocean.
    In the photo, killer whale chase shark.

  The image in the photo. orca kills shark.

 Since killer whale sharks are not only strong, but is superior in intellect shark.  
   The only danger for orcas, it is a big pack of ravenous sharks mako in the open ocean.   
  But orcas swim in flocks too, so if sharks and killer whale attack,
  it is likely a lonely sick killer whale.   
  In all other meetings in the battle one on one.  
  killer whale win, lose shark.   
  In the photo, killer whale killed a rather large white shark.

  Dolphins usually flee from persecution killer whales, and killer whale selects a victim in the face of the same shark as long chase dolphin killer whale has no meaning.
  But judging by this photo, the dolphins are less fortunate,
  killer whale attacks dolphin, dolphin rescues his life.

  as reported in the English-language article in the attack,
  some killer whales dolphins not fled,  
   it once again says to us that the whale swims very quickly.  
   Orca swims faster dolphin  
   dolphin remained only maneuver before muzzle killer,  
   but obviously deadly dance in front of the muzzle killer was not long?
The deadly dolphin dance that proves killer whales
All the same, much easier to catch a shark or whale   
  There are many other marine animals that swim much slower:  
   fur-seal, walruses, seals, penguins, killer whale which easily catch up.
   If the great white shark is still fast enough floats    accelerating to 50 km per hour,   that tiger shark enough slowness    swims slowly, slowly at a speed of 15-20 kilometers per hour,   
  during the attack makes the throws of up to 30 kilometers per hour.  
   Obviously that tiger shark mad and stupid enough, she may soon attack the killer whale  
   in these sharks who have no concept of a strong or weak, as there is no developed intellect, meeting with killer whales for it will be the last.
   Killer whales are found in almost all waters of the ocean,  
    prefer cooler and temperate waters, less common in tropical waters.  
   The photo killer whale attacks on sea lions.

 Killer Whale is found in the Arctic off the coast of Canada, Alaska (USA), and the east coast of the USA, Norway, Russia off Chukotka.  
   The Arctic does not go East Siberian and Laptev Sea.  
   Killer whales are less common in inland seas or do not occur in some inland seas.  
   Does not go killer whale, no killer whales in Baltic and Black sea, Azov, East Siberian sea and Laptev sea.   
  In the tropics, it is less common than in cold and temperate waters.  
  In temperate latitudes Russian killer whale found in the Far East is usually in the Kuril chain and the Commander Islands.  
   Off the coast of Antarctica south pole killer whale also widespread.  
   The photo killer whale and penguin.

  Video Penguin runs away from orcas.
  Dangerous for a human orcas?

 Killer Whale can drown a man.  
   While playing with the trainers there were several instances when the killer whale misbehaved and kill people.   
  Therefore, being in the water with killer whales unsafe, killer whale this predator.

  Most attacks on humans occurred killer whales in captivity all it usually goes without blood,  
   But killer whale could arrange a bloodbath,    she arranges sharks  
   but the killer whale grabbed the person's hair or leg and drags on the bottom.
    Perhaps revenge killer whale for people bad attitude.      
  Killer Whale perceives man as equal in intelligence intelligent creature on this behaves very differently.   
  The photo deceased trainer Don Branche killer whales,
  killer whale grabbed the woman and dragged to a depth where the girl and held until she choked.

     As reported by CNN, died tamer Aquarium Seaworld, falling into the pool with killer whales.
  According to police the woman herself slipped and fell into the water, after which the killer attacked tamer.  
   However, eyewitnesses of the incident claim that the killer whale named Tillikum,  
   With close to board a pool, jumped out of the water, attacked the woman, pulling her into the pool.   
  The incident occurred in the presence of visitors oceanarium.  
   In the park administration reported that early such cases were recorded, and expressed the need to review the safety.
  The reasons for the attack on the human killer while being investigated.  
   Nancy Black - an expert on killer whales suggests that the animal may just want to play, or he was just bored.   
  Deceased trainer Don Branche was skilled, so she trusted to work with potentially dangerous Tillikumom.   
  In the 90s, two incidents occurred, after which Tillikum considered hazardous.
 In 1991, he and two other orcas rend woman.   
  And in 1999, the pool was found Tillikuma bitten a man's body.  
   Perhaps the killer whale wanted to play with him and accidentally caused him injuries incompatible with life.  
   After these incidents Tillikumom engaged only experienced professionals.  
   Coaches always characterized him as a very obedient animal.
Some of the information here is taken from here

 Some scholars argue that the killer whale does not attack man in nature  
   due to the fact that we are bony and not greasy like a seal, not very tasty food for orcas.  
   In nature, was recorded a few cases when the killer whale mistakenly grabbed a man's leg confused with seals.
  Lions and tigers and bears much weaker killer.
   but these land animals attack humans,
  obviously that whale being reasonable and her other relations, to people.   
  Perhaps the killer telepathic and consciously understand and feel human.   
  But explain to the person can only sign language and sounds.

  A killer whale has no hands, so it can not be that you create and do  
   but the killer creature with high intelligence,  
   Killer relative dolphin intelligent creature that possesses intelligence and reason to know the person.   
  Just killer whales and dolphins do not need technocrats who created man, as they are perfectly adapted to their environment, in contrast to the "civilized" man,  
   that fits the environment for themselves by using technology.  
   The level of development should be sought in the ability to solve non-standard problems, social relationships, learning ability and memory, and entertainment.   
  Killer whales can arrange cunning ambush   
  Dolphins are like themselves can use tools and teach the children.   
  Here is a great example of intelligence orcas  
   watch the video:  
   Killer whales create a huge wave and wash seals from ice floes.
  The ratio of killer whales to each other the same quivering like dolphins,  
   Here mutual feelings, love all the same as that of dolphins.  
   Killer whales and dolphins can solve quite complex problems  
  Killer whales are saving people, killer whales protect people from shark attacks.

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