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Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Can an octopus attack a person? How dangerous is an octopus for a person? How strong is the octopus? Sudden attack of a huge octopus attacked a woman diver A huge octopus attacked a female diver

Can an octopus attack a person?
How dangerous is an octopus for a person?
How strong is the octopus?

Ocean X

Sudden attack of a huge octopus attacked a woman diver
A huge octopus attacked a female diver
  Maria and her girlfriend enjoyed diving in the tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean.
  In addition, Maria wanted to drive away cellulite from the buttocks
  and thighs, and make her ass slimmer, ..

  She also decided to take a break from her young man,
  because after intense sex with her young man,
  she began to get fat, her hips swelled together with her buttocks, and it seems
  main body total

  her breasts became even bigger, but she decided not to turn into an
  office cow. It would have been beyond her patience
  And now she is here in the silent realm of the underwater world, enjoying life.
  Maria knew that here it is not entirely safe, here can be sharks
  and some poisonous living creatures, but it seemed all right,
  except for beautiful tropical fish, there was no one near,.
  With a gesture of her hand, she signaled to her girlfriend that she
  wanted to examine the seabed near the coral reef.
  And to make a selfie on a background of a coral reef,
  then she thought of removing the bra
  and swim topless, ..
  Maria saw a ledge near the bottom and decided to touch it, it seems this
  there was a stone, she thought, ..
  But the stone suddenly came to life,
  and something rushed in her direction ,.
  The stone turned out to be a huge octopus, as it is known, octopuses
  can change the color as of the chameleons under the relief of the seabed.
  A powerful force grabbed a scuba diver Maria for her shin and
  something began to twist her thigh, ..
  Maria tried frantically to break free,
  but nothing happened,
  Maria was not a beginner in diving and a strong enough girl
  in the gym, for example
  Maria did a bench press of 70 kg, but these forces are clearly not
  enough against an underwater monster.
  Each of the 8 tentacles of the octopus, has more than 200 suckers,
  with the help of its muscles and suckers, the octopus creates a tight
  pressure around the body of its victim,
  Therefore, get out of the capture of a powerful octopus, very difficult.
  These suckers can exert a lot of pressure
  - enough to tear live flesh.
  For example
  A case was recorded when one diver was able to tear himself away from
  himself tentacles of the octopus, only together with his skin.
  so strong octopus sucked to the body of the diver, that left a
  noticeable scars on the body of the diver.
  They can also lift heavy weights. In the case of the giant Pacific
  octopus, one sucker can lift an object as heavy as 35 pounds (16 kilograms)!
  From the shock Maria pressed only the bra to her chest, and only
  after, she remembered about her knife ,.
  but there was no knife.
  A girlfriend of Catherine, did not immediately see Maria, in trouble,
  She saw how Maria was floundering in one place,
  probably she had run out of oxygen, she thought.
  And only swim closer, Catherine realized what was the matter,
  The grimace of horror distorted Catherine's face.
  Catherine did nothing, she was horrified,
  she looked at Maria stupefied and did not try to help her.
  Fights with the octopus is really not easy, even if you
  damage one tentacle,
  other limbs will continue to attack you,
  Each tentacle of the octopus has its own nerve center, which also
  can independently make decisions,
  During a cave survey or holding a prey.
  The main brain and eyes are located in the cartilaginous capsule.
  Therefore, the vulnerable position of the octopus is his head,
  where there are also three hearts, the main heart and two small ones.
  Catherine continued to see how Maria fought for her life
  with a huge octopus,
  She did not try to help her at all, on the contrary, instinctively,
  working with her hands and feet began to sail away from a dangerous place.
  Maria was left alone against a huge headfooted mollusk,
  She tried frantically, to free herself, to beat her tentacles,
  but the blows under the water did not bring the desired result,
  Try to beat underwater and you will understand,
  It's not easy to beat under water.
  Maria could not reach the head of the octopus and beat in his eyes
  The long tentacles of a huge tadpole did not allow her to do this.
  It is not known what would have ended this meeting for Maria, ..

  When suddenly there was an unknown female diver, with an underwater harpoon, ..
  She boldly swam to the huge octopus so that Maria would not be on the line of the shot,
  An unfamiliar woman shot from an underwater gun,
  hitting a huge mollusk right in the head.
  A powerful arrow, almost broke through the head of the mollusk,
  inflicted a severe wound for an underwater monster
  Streams of blue blood, began to flow and spread over the head
  - the trunk of an underwater monster.
  The huge octopus continued to hold Maria for several seconds in his tentacles
  Until the team arrived,
  from the central brain of the octopus to the nerve endings of each
  tentacle, that it's time to get out.
  After that, the octopus's tentacles began to move away from the body of Maria,
  The carcass of an octopus began to sink down to the bottom
  and a fountain of blue blood, trail followed the severely wounded mollusk.
  An unfamiliar strange woman diver swam to Maria and gestured to ask
  whether she was all right,
  and whether it can independently rise to the surface?
  Maria nodded her head and said yes,
  and the stranger hastened to pull out
  tungsten heavy-duty tip, from the defeated mollusk.
  Finally, Maria swam to the surface, gulping down fresh air, and
  quickly hurried to the rented boat,
  Next door was another boat, ..
  She climbed on board the boat,
  Maria saw Catherine, who immediately,
  shouted >> Maria I did not want it so happened,
  tried to justify himself Catherine,
  Maria ran to Catherine and hit her on the cheek,
  Shut up,
  More, I have no girlfriend said Mary ..
  Now I know who you are, I do not want to see you, Maria continued.
  Hey, the dear ones are easier,
  suddenly there was a ringing female voice,
  from the neighboring boat, a tall brunette with broad hips,
  looked at them.
  Maria and Catherine looked in amazement, it was the same woman,
  which probably saved the life of Mary.
  Hey, I'm a marine biologist, the stranger went on, my name is ...



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