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Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Why orca has killed his mentor tamer? Why the killer whale drowned the woman coach? Why did the killer whale attacked a woman coach? Deadly killer whale attack on a woman trainer

Why orca has killed his mentor tamer?
Why the killer whale drowned the woman coach?
Why did the killer whale attacked a woman coach?

Deadly killer whale attack on a woman trainer
  Deadly killer whale attack on a woman trainer
  is a response to abuse, which person does for the animals.
  main body total

 Very high probability that this woman,  
   no matter how well, about this woman spoke other people
  Perhaps this woman has applied hard teaching methods,  
   Or blackmailing methods of teaching,  
   such remuneration delicious fish only after a difficult task.   
  Of course on the animal psyche, it could not affect.   
  Yes plus to this lifelong in prison   
  which imprisoned orca Tilikum male
  Tilikum died at age 36 on January 6, 2017 on the night
   almost all his life orca Tilikum held in captivity.
  National Geographic, says Tilikum was born in 1981 in the wild,  
  but he was forcibly taken away from their parents at the age of about 2 years
   and then kept in the captivity, to the cynical satisfaction   human whim.  
  Watch the documentary Blackfish 2013 and many will understand.
  Examples of the behavior of other animals, such as elephants,  
  proof that elephants suffer years of abuse and humiliation,
  and then trample to death by their abusers.  
  The same thing happened to the killer whale Tilikum.
  There was a series of serial murders committed by this killer whale.  
   The first murder of the killer whales occurred in 1991, the victim was a woman trainer.  
   then why it was not a matter of resonance,?  
   the pool was closed, and Tilikum was sold in a large aquarium.  
   In the summer of 1999 in the Oceanarium SeaWorld Orland  
   naked body was found in the dead man,   
  later it turned out that one of the tourists illegally entered
  into the pool to the orcas.  
   The third murder that made the killer whale Tilikum, it was 2010  
   being a victim again became tamer.
  In the video, the penultimate moments before the tragedy,
  it seems nothing no signs of trouble,  
   but if you look closely, the woman provoked the conflict,   
  she feeds orca, teasing her, pouring water,
  that categorically do not need to do
  The tragedy occurred in a large oceanarium SeaWorld,  
   located in Orlando, Florida.  
   40-year-old trainer Don Brunch during a break between performances  
   fed orca Tilikum.  
   View the spectacle were 50 tourists.  
   Women's hair was tied in a "tail."   
  Turning for the next portion of fish, Don grazed nose hair Tilikum.   
  perhaps killer whale, became angry ,
  or perceived as an invitation to play ... but terrible happened.
 Six-ton orca began to make circles on the aquarium,
  then he jumped out and grabbed woman by the hair, drag off her under water.
  There Tilikum began to shake, woman tamer side to side.  
   Spectators were numb with horror.  
   Oceanarium after the emergency evacuation of people was closed.  
   The pool were only rescuers and doctors.   
  Get the unfortunate Don brunch was only then,   
  when the whale "played enough" and threw her lifeless body.  
   All attempts to return a woman to life failed.
  People provoke the animals, and then complain that miraculously survived.  
   In this video the dolphin, from the family of pilot whales,
  hardly was has not drowning woman  
   He dragged her into the depths.   
  she was lucky that the dolphin let go of her, unlike the previous orcas.
  Grinda is big dolphins, and not entirely safe for humans.     
   Another video, dolphin showed great curiosity for divers.
  Such games can not end very well for divers  
   We must not forget the killer whale is the queen of the seas and oceans,
  it has no equal in deadly combat,   
  They even kill whales, only very large whales   
  and physically strong whales survive after a meeting with killer whales   
  and even then not always.  
   Orca relentlessly eat their smaller brethren dolphins,
  killer whale perceives the person as an equal partner, so in the wild is not fixed  
   documentary orca attacks on the person, but in captivity, as we already know  
   these cases were, when the killer whale drowned people.  
   But even in the wild, it is best not to provoke the orca, whales and dolphins,  
   because some of these animals safely turned over boat   
  and drown all the passengers in the boat.   
  because we do not know that the mind of a huge whale,   
  the impact force such giants tail is measured in tonnes.
  In this video, a whale greatly had frightened girl operator.


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