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Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

All about the Amazons, all about strong women. Female warriors and male slaves are the world of the Amazons. Warriors of the Amazon and Matriarchy, Where did the Amazons live? Life and psychology of the Amazons. Female domination, a look at the world of Amazons Who are the Amazons? Were the Amazons really? The relationship of the Amazons to men

All about the Amazons, all about strong women.
Female warriors and male slaves are the world of the Amazons.
Warriors of the Amazon and Matriarchy, Where did the Amazons live?
Life and psychology of the Amazons.
Female domination, a look at the world of Amazons

Who are the Amazons?
Were the Amazons really?
The relationship of the Amazons to men

  Amazons These women are warriors of athletes who have lived without men,
  Men were needed only for procreation or as slaves.
  The Amazon society was matriarchal
  The exclusive power of a woman in all respects.

  In the photo the queen of the Amazons with her suite
  The Amazons had their own militant army,
  They conquered lands, fought with men,
  Took some as prisoners (for the continuation of the family), but they did without them in everyday life.
  main body total

  As a rule, the Amazons captured only physically healthy men,
  And the very best used for the continuation of the family.
  Women could kidnap men they liked at night.
  On the graphic image, depicted captive men and the queen of the Amazons
  Liked men were selected for amorous pleasures,
  Others were used as slaves.
  During the battle, the Amazons usually did not take their enemies prisoner.
  The men panickedly feared the Amazons, were afraid to be captured by the Amazons.
  During the battle, the Amazons could use the tactics of the Scythians, rapid raids and looting.
  This is a more convenient tactic than attacking the enemy in the forehead.
  About the family life of the Amazons
  In rare exceptions Amazons found their man for marriage.
  Usually men were expelled from their tribe, even if they were sons and brothers.
  Love stories with free men warriors as usual were not long,
  And as a rule for procreation,
  Because for amorous amusements, the Amazons could use
  and favorite male prisoners(slave)
  If the man could not satisfy the woman,
  Then an unenviable fate awaited him.
  Punishment in the form of heavy physical work,
  Beating or selling into slavery or even death.

  So the man had to try his best
  To bring a woman pleasure
  And in any case not to anger the woman the Amazon.
  During love, the Amazon occupy the dominant position from above, the man from below.
  If the Amazon enters into a relationship with men,
  Then usually these relations have competitive militant character.


  The Amazon woman does not trust men, she is unnecessarily tough,
  Impatient and categorical, suppresses impulses of responsibility
  and initiative in the mind of a man.
  Priorities in the life of such women are arranged so,
  That the first place in life can be anything: career, hobby, travel.
  They decide everything themselves, and a man (permanent or temporary) is doomed to a subordinate role.
  Humiliation of a man is recorded in the Amazon in the subconscious,
  Amazon sooner or later put a man in a funny and humiliating situation when a man really
  Will not be able to do something and be disgraced before her, in some sort of situation.
  That's exactly what she wants.
  This will be an excuse to part with a man ..
  Her novels, as a rule, end unsuccessfully,
  Because all the men next to her are weak and lose her respect.
  If in her scenario there is a belief that one should not rely on men,
  That they can not be trusted, the woman will try to confirm it, choosing the situations that correspond to them, and if they do not, the Amazon will provoke them.
  Many modern Amazons, Alpha women seek themselves such weak men
  On the video, a battle scene with an aggressive alpha female from fantasy


  A woman in such relations is always on top, a man from below.
  She always dominates.
  In the photo, the Amazon is in a rider's pose.

  Sex for the Amazons
  For the Amazon is characterized by a male style of behavior,
  (In the sense, "given away" to men by patriarchal culture),
  At which the sexual partner is "prey", the object of "hunting" and "battle".
  A man is seen as a victim or prey
  When men are not enough, the Amazons compete among themselves,
  For example, that would eliminate the opponent, which possibly can take away from her man.
  We will not go deep into the history of Amazon
  In Greek mythology, these warrior-maidens had their origin
  From the god of war Ares and the naiad of Harmony. The first Amazon is Lysippos.
  The patroness of the Amazon called the goddess Artemis, and revered it in every possible way.
  According to the myth, the Amazons lived on the Black Sea coast.
  Herodotus reported that the Sarmatians were descendants of Amazons and Scythians
  And that their women observed ancient customs,
  "Frequently hunting on horseback with their husbands; Participating in the war;
  They wear the same clothes as men. "
  Herodotus also reports that the Sarmat "no girl will not become a wife,
  Until she kills a man in battle. "
  After studying the Scythian language, they agreed to marry Scythian men,
  That they will not be obliged to follow the customs of Scythian women.
  According to Herodotus, the Sarmatians fought together with the Scythians
  Against the Persian king Darius in the V century BC.
  About the Amazons write and Roman historians.
  Caesar reminded the Senate of the conquest of the Amazons by significant spaces in Asia.
  The Amazons made a successful raid against the Asian countries of Lycia and Cilicia,
  As mentioned by the historian Strabo.
  Philostratus places Amazons in Tavria. Ammian - to the east of Tanais (Don) in the neighborhood of the Alans.
  And Procopius says that they live in the Caucasus.
  The assumption that the tales of the Amazons have real ground,
  Is based on the results of archaeological research.
  In particular, the study of the Sarmatian burials, the inventory of graves of Sarmatians,
  In which weapons are found,
  That the women of Sarmatia did participate in the battles.
  Archaeological evidence seems to confirm the existence of female warriors,
  As well as the active role of Sarmatian women in military campaigns and social life of society.
  Burials of armed women from Sarmatians
  Include approximately 25% of the total number of graves with weapons.
  Perhaps the reason is so unusual for the ancient world
  The high role of women in the Sarmatian society is explained by the demands of the harsh life of the nomadic people:
  Men often went to distant lands on a hike or on a hunt,
  And women in their absence had to be able to protect their hearth, children, herds of animals and nomadism.
  Modern archeology also has the studied burials of the Scythian warriors-virgins,
  Buried under the mounds in the Altai Mountains and Sarmatia.
  Thus, modern science seems to have solved the riddle,
  Worried ancient and medieval historians who reported on warlike women,
  Before which the ancient kingdoms trembled.


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