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In the world of interesting facts Raven is one of the most intelligent birds in the world, Raven is able to remember the person and appearance of a person and remember his actions Be careful, the Raven are attacking! Did you know that if you offend a raven If you offend a raven, Raven gets to know you, even after seven years. video the Raven attack on girls

In the world of interesting facts
Raven is one of the most intelligent birds in the world,
Raven is able to remember the person and appearance of a person and remember his actions
Be careful, the Raven are attacking!

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Did you know that if you offend a raven
  If you offend a raven,
  Raven gets to know you, even after seven years.
  And that is not all


  Raven can punish you if you hurt him.
  Perhaps also, crows believe that you are applying for their territory
  or next to their nest with chickens
  video the Raven attack on girls

  Even if you are a physically strong man, a raven can tell other
  ravens on their bird language, that you have acted badly in relation to him.
  And then a whole bunch of ravens will probably be beating your head.
  You should know who does not know, these are different kinds of birds ..
  Raven is not a crow,
  they are different birds, Raven is much larger and
  smarter than a crow,
  The adult Raven reaches 60 cm and weighs 1.5-2 kg.
  A Crow is less than Raven
  Neuroscientists studying the brain of these birds have found out,
  that the system of recognition of human faces and analysis
  acts of people at ravens, it is very developed, as well as at people
  they possess sufficiently large brain and a complex nervous system that
  has a long-term memory that is able to think logically and
  make difficult decisions.
  For example, after some experiments,
  Raven very well distinguished people
  who angered or fed them.
  Even after a time, these same people, but in different clothes, were
  easily identified by Raven, "on bad and good people."
  Raven perfectly distinguish what is in the hands of man
  - A stick or a gun
  They distinguish between a child and an adult, a man and a woman.
  But this is not the limit, and Raven are capable of more.
  They can commit a non-standard act.
  Stop, look around, assess the situation.
  Remember what they saw before.
  Ravens have an innate ability to make tools,
  such as probes and hooks, and even combining different objects.
  Particularly striking is the cone-shaped probe with the tip at the end and the whole
  a number of small hooks along the lateral surface, pointed in
  The reverse side, made by them for obtaining food from hard-to-reach places.
  These birds have perfectly learned to use anthropogenic environment
  for their own purposes.
  For example, they know that it is best to break nuts,
  throwing on hard asphalt, or even better under the wheels of cars.
  A pick up a broken nuts
  Only with red traffic light (in places with increased traffic).
  Thus, ravens entice animals under the wheels of the machine, calculating the speed of transport.
  Sometimes out of revenge, and sometimes for food.
  If a crow or raven will be interested in a matchbox,
  they can open it with their paw.
  And get to the candy can, unfolding and not damaging the wrapper.
  Ravens are smart not only with the extraction of food,
  but also in inventing entertainment.
  They are considered one of the most playful and mischievous birds.
  They like to chase cats and dogs, pull them by the tails and croak in their ears
 At the same time, raven and crow are relatives from the same family.
  Crows are also smart.
  They happily slide down from the steep roofs, sitting on some object
  or on the "fifth point" and braking if necessary with paws.
  And in snowy areas, crows like to ride on snow or push it from roofs to passers-by.
  They are happy to indulge in unusual games.
  For example, one crow flies high up
  and deliberately throws down an object,
  the other picks up this thing 20-30 meters from the ground and flies up.
  To again drop the toy from there, while the first crow races down,
  picks up the object at the very ground and again goes on the rise.
  Crows, like swans, create one pair for life.
  Female Ravens meticulously choose their chosen one,
  who must be smart enough to be able to provide for his family.
  Males Ravens do everything to attract the attention of females:
  Dead loops, and other aerobatics.
 In the case of a predator approaching, males can sacrifice themselves,
  to save the Female Raven and chicks.
  In old Irish legends, the raven predicts the future, and the
  expression "knowledge of the raven" in the Irish language means the
  ability to see and know everything that happens.



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