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Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

December 2019, Why is small business being destroyed? Why is a working day eight hours and not four hours a day? What is hidden behind labor productivity? Why do almost half of people after school and universities do not know how to do anything?

Why is small business being destroyed?
Why is a working day eight hours and not four hours a day?
What is hidden behind labor productivity?

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What to do when you are physically threatened by psychopaths, but you do not know how to fight, and besides that you are a coward?

Why do almost half of people after school and universities do not know how to do anything?


  I will answer immediately the last question, the first answer
  If you get real knowledge, you will get a quality and fast education.
  First you will become independent, you will stop working hard.
  you will stop working hard for a penny, you will manage your time yourself
  your time is more expensive than any money, you will sell your time as expensive as possible
  Second, you will pay less money
  universities and other educational institutions will not be able to earn more money,
  long training is very important for them, the longer a person learns, the more he pays money.
  THEY EARN MONEY main body total

  I will manage in this article only one picture, I also do not want to waste my time.
  closer to business
  Now about labor productivity
  With this thing manipulated human consciousness
  Labor productivity it means
  maximum consumption of human energy per unit time
  That is, if you want to kill your body in production as quickly as possible
  and sell yourself as cheaply and quickly as possible ..
  Further, why should a worker work for example eight hours, and not four hours?
  this is done so that your time would be worth negligible and that you would hardly have it.
  This was known in ancient Rome,
  AUTHORITIES REPRESENTATIVES KNOW how much should a slave or plebeians eat food per day
  so as not to starve to death but at the same time not to grow muscle and fat.
  modern methods of resource allocation and people management are taken from ancient Rome
  in reality, the length of the working day does not particularly affect labor productivity.
  A motivated and skilled worker will do more in four hours,
  than the one who hates his work, but is forced to hang around at work 8-12 hours a day.
  Is it possible to make a quality product with such an organization of labor?
  if a person waits when the working day ends and imitates his work process?
  and now the last answer
  If you have a business you become independent
  and you sell your labor and time at a fair price
  you won’t go to another job,
  and indeed, people will stop working
  and go to work not every day.
  If they are not unemployed but self-sufficient people with their own resources and knowledge.
  someone will lose the ability to cut money, so
  better create artificial unemployment
  Yes, so that people would compete for a penny.
  And also about the knowledge that does not work, letting people with a smart look on the wrong path, ..
  then there will be a millionth army of losers who will suffer and suffer in search of work,
  and indeed why they did not take place in life ..


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