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Protect yourself from the petty and cowardly sociopath. What is the strength of the blow you must have so that hooligans do not molest you? How to learn how to beat strongly? How to learn to beat fast? How to develop a reaction? How from a normal room, to make a boxing simulator? Fighting training for courageous men A few words about the psychology of criminals and psychopaths, and hardening of your Spirit

Protect yourself from the petty and cowardly sociopath.
What is the strength of the blow you must have so that hooligans do not molest you?
How to learn how to beat strongly?
How to learn to beat fast?
How to develop a reaction? How from a normal room, to make a boxing simulator?

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Why is small business being destroyed? Why is a working day eight hours and not four hours a day? What is hidden behind labor productivity?

Fighting training for courageous men
A few words about the psychology of criminals and psychopaths, and hardening of your Spirit
  To be able to protect themselves, this is one of the most important human qualities
  A man who can not protect himself, even from a small sociopath,
  Will become an object for bullying.
  From ridicule and persecution, to outright physical violence, one step.
  If the object for bullying had a punching force of 450 kg,
  Then a little gopnik (hooligan), even in his thoughts was not behaving badly.
  People behave the way you let them behave this way.


  In fact, even 20-30 kg are already quite painful,
  And 20-30 kg in painful points are dangerous,
  And 90-120 kg already have a stopping effect for an impudent bully
  450 kg will potentially radiate strength and power,
  Any cowardly jackal will feel it, from a distance.
  Remember the movie Star Wars and Darth Vader?
  Here's something like this, the force radiates its energy
  You do not need to fight, one look will suffice,
  And the gopnik (scoundrel) will lose all desire, spoil the air next to you
  Even 250 kg, more than enough, if the strike is well set, will scare away any desire to fight with you,
  Because you can hit a force of 250 kg on the impudent ruffian scoundrel
  That guy is just a coward, so a small sadist, decided to choose him as a victim.
  To raise your self-esteem and lower the self-esteem of the victim even lower.
  Well, now let's get down to business

  We will make the first home boxing simulator,
  For a place of training, there will be enough ordinary home apartment,
  And for the training itself we need a tennis ball, we buy it in a sports shop,
  And the most common baseball cap (cap), and an elastic band with normal properties.
  The simulator is easy to manufacture, one end of the rubber band is attached to the tennis ball,
  The other opposite end is attached to the baseball cap.
  That's what we get,
  Here's a home simulator for boxing, for speed training
  Coordination of movement, mindfulness
  In the beginning, do not rush, practice the technique of strikes, in a stationary rack,
  You pound your fist on a tennis ball, the ball flies and comes back again,
  Your task is to fight off the returning ball again,
  Do not miss a hit in the head, do not hit sloppy.
  When your successes are better, start doing the same thing, but in the boxer's moving stance,
  You hit the ball and at the same time move around as if stalking slowly in the space of the room.
  And the third step, your results get even better, increase the speed and impact strength.
  Naturally, the speed should match your abilities, that would repel the returning ball.
  Do not rush to the results, do everything consistently and correctly.

  Now an even simpler exercise, how to test the strength and speed of your impact?
  Take a regular sheet of A4 paper and put the sheet over the edge to something,
  Or ask someone to hold the sheet by the edge.
  Then try to hit, with all your might, as far as you can.
  You need to tear a leaf with your fist,.
  Do not exercise this exercise many times a day, you can damage your muscles by ripping.
  Since a sheet of paper does not have such an emphasis as a pear or even a tennis ball.
  This testing exercise is more than training,
  Therefore, work a month with blows on the tennis ball,
  Then try again to check again the speed and strength of your impact.

  Even more rough testing of the force of impact,
  But it's not in the apartment, but at the stadium or outside the city,
  You have to throw a ball or a stone, at a distance,
  The further you throw, the stronger your blow.
  It is necessary to relax the hand at the moment of throwing.
  In my practice, I saw when a frail-looking guy, threw a ball at forty meters,
  His rival bodybuilder could not throw even at thirty meters.
  Of course, it is not always correct to compare physiology and muscle performance
  Who work for speed or physical strength.
  And bodybuilders> pitching, too, are different.

  The driver of Kamaz is more like a pitching with the skills of a boxer, beats strongly the opponent from MMA
  On this all, do sports, all good luck and good mood.


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