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Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Brief News and a little about time How much is the time?

Brief News
and a little about time
How much is the time?

Who owns his time owns his own destiny

  Good day
  Greetings to visitors and readers of my site,
  I’ll be brief, I’ll be less likely to write and philosophize
  I write more for myself and my own thoughts
  Now a new cycle of time has begun, with zeroing everything
  It all starts as usual with a war or a global infection no matter, it was clear 1-2 years ago,
  that something will come and this is only the beginning of the nullifying cycle.
  Most people do not have their time, so people were not ready for anything
  Since they sold themselves and their time for money
  They will never return their time,
  Now think and draw conclusions.
  main body total

  Time cycles go by their own laws.
  Many rich and rulers and pseudo magicians would like to control time,
  But time is merciless and the same for everyone
  Of course, humanity has hope
  day and night in the laboratories
  biologists, physicists and mathematicians work
  trying to find the elixirs of youth and immortality
  But again and again and again a thousand times but about time
  People themselves deprive themselves of time and slow themselves down in development,
  Money cannot solve the problem if there is no time for self-development
  it’s impossible to buy knowledge for no money, it takes years
  people themselves spend their years at work chasing money, careers, competition
  or worse, where people kill their time at work or service, ..
  only material goods can be bought for money
  But material wealth can also be easily lost, as well as your health as opposed to knowledge
  unless of course your memory is erased, knowledge will always help you rise even from scratch.
  That's all you value your time and the time of other people and spend less time on negative emotions.


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