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Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Aliens not only walk on earth, aliens have been visiting earth for a long time and donating technology to humanity Technologies without which humanity would have remained in the Stone Age Who gives technology to people? This is just a hypothesis that does not claim to be absolute truth.

Aliens not only walk on earth, aliens have been visiting earth for a long time and donating technology to humanity
Technologies without which humanity would have remained in the Stone Age

Who gives technology to people?
This is just a hypothesis that does not claim to be absolute truth.

  Have you ever wondered who gives technology to people?
  In the photo, about the Stone Age, in the foreground are women engaged in hard physical labor,
  in the background, men are kindling a fire and are going to cook something on it.
  And so it would go on for thousands of years, if someone had not thrown essential knowledge.
  Or do you consider yourself so smart
  then please try to explain to yourself
  how the processor works
  or at least understand how and from what it is made?
  The photo shows a processor for a computer, and this is an outdated processor

  A single crystal is grown from molten silicon using special equipment cylindrical
  the resulting ingot is cooled and cut into pancakes
  the surface of which is carefully leveled and polished to a mirror finish
  further in semiconductor factories on silicon wafers,
  Integrated circuits are created using photolithography and etching
  isn't this alien technology?
  You understand that not even every country will be able to do such things.
  Even from university knowledge and the works of professors, we will not get a complete picture of knowledge,
  to create such a processor,
  in addition to creating such a processor,
  we need high-precision ultra-precise machines and equipment, who gave people ultra-precise equipment?
main body total

  There is a possibility that knowledge is being shared with some smart people and corporations,
  from aliens or other higher sources of intelligence
  The picture shows an image of an alien entering into contact with a person,
  this is just a hypothetical image, a higher power can look like anything,
  even in the form of a bunch of energy.
  this can happen even when not in body contact,
  information is transmitted to the human brain, gradually in a certain normalized form.
  So that a person could comprehend and convert this knowledge and start creating new technologies.
  And here is the new product of the latest revolutionary Apple M1 processor
  Apple M1 is a system-on-a-chip of Apple's ARM architecture from the Apple Silicon series,
  used in Mac computers and MacBoo laptops
  Apple M1 octa-core processor consumes much less power than intel processor
  the cost of the new processor is also much cheaper than from the intel monopolist
  It seems incredible, but these processors are already sold in the body of the MacBook at retail.
  Then what's behind the scenes?
  Probably technology has made another exorbitant leap in development
  and in order not to confuse the public, new technologies are issued gradually.
  This is just a hypothesis that does not claim to be an absolute truth.
  but looking at new technologies it is difficult to say that people invented it,
  most people cannot even agree and solve simple everyday problems.
  They will decide which of them is the most important, who is the strongest, who will own the territory and resources.
  Therefore, the higher mind makes its own corrections
  through chieftain then and now through politicians extraterrestrial intelligence or higher intelligence
  Changes the behavior of people, makes warnings in the form of some kind of signs, ..
  In the photo, a flying saucer abducts a cow using a tractor beam.
  A huge flying saucer floats menacingly above the planet's surface
  Extraterrestrial technologies of the future
  The question involuntarily arises: Are the Mesoamerican pyramids the past technologies of aliens on this planet?
  The involvement of the last pre-colonial civilization in these Pyramids, megaliths, ... is very doubtful.
  As Albert Einstein said
  I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones (анг.)
  that is, deep knowledge does not sit in the genes of people,
  a person is more like a user who receives technology and knowledge
  and how the child tries to create with the constructor.
  but most people, even with higher technical education,
  in the event of a global catastrophe, they will not be able to independently make an internal combustion engine or an electric motor
  if they are deprived of access to mechanical equipment, machine tools, to smelting furnaces, if all this is destroyed or simply not available
  The maximum where a person gets to is the Bronze Age.
  A bow and arrow is what will be available, melt glass and bronze and make something from it.
  What you use now is a mobile phone, electricity, a computer, a car, the Internet
  and all other modern
  things doesn't make you much smarter, even in front of the inhabitants of medieval times.
  If you were in the Middle Ages with a mobile phone, you would not be able to clearly explain how a mobile phone works
  and who and how created it, your answer would definitely not convince the local king
  When asked what can you do at all? you probably couldn't give a practical answer,
  since a modern person is more a user with separate fragments of knowledge.


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