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Why do I no longer fly on many airline planes ?
because the plane is a dangerous mode of transport,
falling from a great height, the danger of being burned alive, from burning fuel,
lightning strikes, faulty electrical equipment,
the human factor, all this can cause a plane crash. If the plane falls
very few survive. Airline representatives and owners other than words
that airplanes are very safe, do not offer real methods of salvation.

Representatives of airlines comparing car accidents with air crashes forget to say that the number of cars on our planet is about one billion pieces, while all airplanes do not exceed one hundred thousand of them civil aviation about 50 thousand aircraft

  Update article Why I do not fly on airplanes?

  in the information field you will find hundreds of sites that talk only about this, how safe is the plane
  and how dangerous a car is.
  But the reality is not always the same
  which representatives of airlines want to create.
  in the photo the plane fell down, hitting the taxi car,
  taxi driver and passengers survived
  but the aircraft passengers and pilots were less fortunate, not all survived.
  So they (the bureaucrats), the representatives of these offices cite as an example
  crash statistics of aircraft and cars for the yea


  where naturally there will be more car accidents.
  For a simple reason, car traffic is much higher than aircraft traffic.
  But why do the statisticians forget this ,?
  forget to say an important thing, the number of cars on our planet
  hundreds of millions, hundreds of millions of cars, hundreds of millions, are driving right now on all the roads of our planet.
  and the number of all aircraft in good condition,
  capable right now
  at the same time almost 50 thousand units will hardly be lifted into the air.
  of these, about 27 thousand civilian aircraft that are tracked
  on the radar map, as reported by Flightglobal.com.
  Representatives of airlines like to bring such pearls,
  as carried out hypothetical hundreds of years of the average passenger
  in the seat of an airliner in a trouble-free situation,
  who will stay alive and fly hundreds and hundreds of millions of miles.
  Only they forget that the average plane,
  not always in perfect condition, plus human factor.
  It is also not clear why to compare the distance traveled by plane.
  hundreds of millions of miles over hundreds of years compared to a car?
  Is it a safety indicator?
  Who eats such nonsense?
  This distance is only an indicator of the speed of the aircraft,
  not an indicator of security.
  Indicator of uninterrupted performance, under equal conditions
  This testing is for example an airplane engine and a car engine.
  on a working stand on an equal footing.
where the permissible loads on aircraft engines will be measured
  and for cars per unit of time.
  for example, 8 hours of continuous work.
  In the car, people often survive even in a head-on collision.
  in the plane drop from 10,000-12,000 meters, the survival rate is almost impossible ..
  Of course there are lucky ones who survived a fall from a great height,
  Further, the aircraft itself is a huge fuel tank.
  Draw conclusions.
  Airplane is it dangerous?
  On the solid surface of the earth, all the same, how can your life belong to you
  you can jump out of the car on the go saving your life
  you can just stop when there is a small fault.
  An old or faulty plane may fall apart in the air.
  There is a science of materials science, and so, any metal or other material,
  with the passage of time tired, there may appear microcracks in the fuselage and wings.
  in the plane at an altitude of 10,000-12,000 thousand meters, your destiny belongs to you?
  even a small malfunction can turn into a real nightmare.
  Airline representatives and owners other than words
  that airplanes are very safe, do not offer real methods of rescue,
  distress passengers,
  all projects for saving people remain on paper.
  There are already projects of some people rescue engineers,
  in detachable capsules that decide the fate of people at a terrible moment.
  Why is this rescue system not used?
  Why still do not use the rescue system passengers
  in a plane in distress?
  According to experts, modern serial passenger aircraft,
  not adapted to this project, the weight of the aircraft will increase, which means it will decrease
  passenger traffic.
  It is unprofitable, directors of airlines, they need a net profit.
  And for many, all this remains on the verge of fantasy.
  In addition, according to experts, there is no one hundred percent guarantee
  that the system will work in an airplane crash.
  But not everything is so bad, there are encouraging ideas.
  There are real people who think about the lives of others.
  For light aircraft, a whole aircraft rescue system has been developed,
  on the descending parachute, already really works.
  The principle of operation is simple: the system responds within one second
  on the occurrence of an emergency and quickly throws a parachute,
  which gradually reduces the speed of a plane crash
  and provides a relatively soft landing.
  Throughout its history, BRS has sold over 29 thousand parachute systems.
  Cirrus, Flight Design and Cessna light aircraft manufacturers.
  Due to this, as noted in the company,
  managed to save the lives of more than 300 people.


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