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Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

How to deal with difficulties? How to quickly turn off a mental infection? How to disable the virus from negative people? How to disable an information negative virus? How to get out of the state of despondency, rage and other negative trash heap? And also a very interesting analysis of the behavior of sociopaths and psychopaths

How to deal with difficulties? How to quickly turn off a mental infection?
How to disable the virus from negative people?
How to disable an information negative virus?
How to get out of the state of despondency, rage and other negative trash heap?
And also a very interesting analysis of the behavior of sociopaths and psychopaths

Welcome to the Esoteric Psi Factor section

  Greetings to travelers seeking knowledge
  One of the main questions and always pressing questions
  This is how to get rid of the one who shit in your soul?
  or even those who did not have time to shit in your soul?
The first is to stop being a carrier of mental infection.
  main body total

  The less negative infection you absorb and the better your computer works
  Imagine yourself as a computer if you install a lot of unnecessary programs on the operating system
  the computer memory will be overloaded,
  The computer will hardly perform even complex functions and in the end it will simply freeze.
  Will require a hard reboot or even unplugging,
  since sometimes the computer will not even be able to reboot
  As a result of this, the operating system may suffer, you will have to restore or reinstall Windows.
  You need it?
  It's the same with your psyche, if you don't rid yourself of the infection,
  then for you everything can end even with mental disorders
  You will not be able to work normally, think and even rest will be a nightmare for you.
  Since you voluntarily choose a huge slurry with disgusting nasty things and flounder there.
  Yes, yes you chose this,
  Even when you try to argue and prove that you are right
  In the photo, a potential victim is arguing with an "energy vampire"
  you sink to their level and find yourself smeared with toxic dirt
  which sticks to you for a very long time. In the next photo, the victim is enslaved by an energy vampire.
  Negativists or aggressive people, these are not always bad people,
  it can be people who have become like torpedoes for "demons",
  that is, the person himself, without realizing it, becomes a carrier for mental parasites
  An interesting moment while such people are dominated by mental parasites, they do not get sick and even feel good
  they have a lot of energy, they can argue with several people at the same time.
  This explains why many aggressive people live long enough and do not get sick.
  Recharge comes not only from the victims for the aggressor, but also from the "demons" who have taken possession of the mind of such a person.
  Therefore, even if you physically beat such a person, you will not prove anything strongly.
  of course a parasite that controls its aggressive zombie,
  probably understands if his aggressive puppet gets seriously injured>
  Then the settler will be forced to look for a new home with a new healthy soul, where there is a lot of energy.
  and the former aggressive puppet suddenly begins to weaken sharply, and this is where illnesses begin.
  But this does not happen so often, since people of the predatory type are not very stupid people.
  And they attack those who are many times weaker than them.
  They are also not very willing to receive a worthy rebuff and injury.
  Therefore, most sociopaths and psychopaths sense where to look for a victim.
  Of course, the behavior of psychopaths is sometimes suicidal, probably it's just a torpedo for the "demon"
  where the aggressive puppet will be consumed after completing a destructive event.
  and the "demon" go parasite of consciousness will seek a new young body with an active soul.
  From this we conclude that the more you communicate and even think about toxic people,
  the more energy you waste.
  The same goes for dealing with ordinary difficulties, which must be overcome with the help of a balanced psyche,
  that is, develop a stable consciousness in yourself that will not lead you into strong emotions.
  Here a strong influence is also from the information field, if the information field is negative,
  Where destructive information goes, for example, such a meaning - You will not succeed-
  I cannot, I am wasting time, I feel bad, I have not achieved anything, nothing happens, what will people think?
  Stop such thoughts and information flow from people who bring you toxic information.
  Criticism towards you should only be constructive and not aggressive.
  The rest of it will be plunging you into a toxic pit
  where there will be humiliation of your self-esteem and destruction of your capabilities
  That is, the destructive energy comes as from one aggressive person,
  and from the whole atmosphere that the person chooses, watching films with violence,
  watching crime news, addiction to alcohol and gambling, ..
  That's all for now, if there are any additions


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