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Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Looking at yourself from the future at the present time, 10 years later, 20 years later It is very important to look at yourself from the future at you now. How to make your day better than yesterday? Just make today better than yesterday!

Looking at yourself from the future at the present time, 10 years later, 20 years later
It is very important to look at yourself from the future at you now.
How to make your day better than yesterday?
Just make today better than yesterday!

We are all waiting for the future and waiting for gifts from the future
And we waste precious time hoping the future will come and be good

  The method of fogging up consciousness has been used by politicians and rulers since ancient times
  and no matter what kind of "sauce" it was,
  capitalistic or communistic,

  A mirage about the great American dream of living in abundance, or a mirage about a communist paradise where everything will be free
  it all turned out to be a myth for most people,
  People believed in this tale and worked hard
  quickly worn out their resource and in the end got a quick old age with diseases.
  the worst thing is that they spent their time, which is a thousand times more expensive than the money they earned
  Life is made up of the events that you are doing right now, from your victories and defeats,
  In the photo, frames from the movie Time Patrol - "Predestination" , the hero returns to the past and sees himself from the side.

  When there is no teacher nearby and you simply did not find a teacher,
  become a master for yourself
  Analyze your mistakes, what are you doing wrong, why doesn't it work?
  In fact, this mechanism is not complicated, to feel the vibrations and moods of society, where and what needs to be done at the right time.
  In the photo, our hero from the movie Time Patrol - "Predestination" analyzes and corrects mistakes in his past,
  starring Jeanne Claude Van Damme
  main body total

  Please note that people of the predatory type
  or just people with a commercial streak of an entrepreneur see themselves now, at many years to come.
  Wealthy family clans and corporations are developing a whole development strategy for the future
  and a look at ourselves, where they are now.
  The transfer of knowledge goes even from grandfather to grandson, since the father may be stupid and not see the "underwater reefs" and
  Or from a gray-haired master to a young apprentice
  In the photo, Obi Wan is teaching Luke practical knowledge, including the use of a laser sword.
  Someone will be surprised but in fantastic sagas and fairy tales you will sometimes find a much larger "grain of truth"
  than in those sources that position themselves, almost as the last truth.
  Since our life is inextricably linked with the economy and we need to somehow minimize the loss of our resource
  you can't help but see what is happening in reality
  if you refuse to see and think, you simply burn your resource as fuel
  a little about the economy,
  And notice how the common man's brain was clouded about a market economy that supposedly regulates supply and demand by itself.
  Or someone thinks that in the event of a decrease in demand, prices suddenly drop unexpectedly,
  Or will the food be distributed to the poor?
  Reduced prices, or given to the poor, or given away for pet food?
  I hope the discarded fish were at least eaten by seagulls.
  Maybe they will start giving out apartments for free if no one buys them?
  It turns out that the next thing was built, they hoped to sell, no one bought, since no one bought, they usually destroy the goods,
  but destruction in this case also costs a lot of money.
  Then everything remains as it is in the form of monuments
  here is the answer for you, why the market economy has not regulated itself?
  Reduced prices and sell apartments at half the price?
  That is, even if it adjusts to the immediate benefit in the short term,
  This is just a short-term takeoff, primitive predatory logic to snatch somewhere, and then to invest somewhere in the best case.
  But even such logic, though destructive, is higher than being a "greenhouse plant" and hopes for a "sunny paradise" in a greenhouse.
  Even if you are doing well and have a good job, a good position.
  This does not guarantee one hundred percent confidence in the future, and even more so for ten years in advance.
  If you do not track what is happening around you.
  Footage from a fantastic future with a powerful corporation
  but when something went wrong, the matrix probably changed the software
  and a new predatory player appeared, ..?
  In the photo, a woman top office manager is trying to flee from threatening events
  An excerpt from the video shows a woman top office manager trying to flee from threatening events
  You need to understand that nothing is forever static, the world is dynamic and changing, one state passes into another.
  And finally, the most important thing >> To see yourself now and in the long term, is given only to a few out of a thousand,
  But minimize your losses and become at least a little better than where you are now
  A COMPLETELY doable task, track yourself and see yourself.
  Make your day better than yesterday.
  Ask yourself questions >>
  Why are you doing it?
  Why are you doing this?
  Of course, if you have a great job, a good position and you are doing well, I don't think you are interested.
  but that's just the point when you are doing well and you stop tracking,
  there is not the best way to turn into a houseplant.
  But here still, ..
  An outlook on life for a simple layman, for whom the world is in a strict matrix,
  where you were ordered to walk only along the "narrow corridors" and see what you were allowed to see, ..
  Where to think for you will be almost a software module
  from home, to work and so on every day.
  And why does nothing change in life?
  But how can it change if you do the same thing?
  It means that something is wrong, no matter that it is your absolute idleness or huge titanic efforts,
  but no result,
  I will add a little of my philosophy and pictures from the movie The Matrix
  When there is no firm support, then there is no reality either,
  and you walk among the many characters inflated with lies,
  walk for years, walk in circles, ...
  to walk like that because everyone does it (?), this is the choice of everyone?
  All the puzzles should be here, one mistake will destroy all the titanic work.
  In the end you come to understand
  that efforts can be generally minimal and life is already changing if you see a real solid support.
  The thoughts of each person are just a hypothesis, including my thoughts, and do not claim to be absolute truth.
  But when you yourself find a firm support against an object or character inflated with lies, you already have your own personal experience,
  its own truth, your truth that works in your particular case.
  if you have real information that has real practical effect. Well, if the titanic efforts are directed in the right direction, then this is an almost divine level.


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