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Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Warning is the intuition of, who saves us from a trouble. Premonition troubles, impending disaster and catastrophes. The discovery and development of the third eye. Intuition warning signs, how to develop intuition? What is a premonition of impending disaster?

Warning is the intuition of, who saves us from a trouble.
Premonition troubles, impending disaster and catastrophes.
The discovery and development of the third eye.

Intuition warning signs, how to develop intuition?
What is a premonition of impending disaster?
  To see the near future, helps us intuition.
  This signal is sent to us the intuition that receives warning information,  
  nothing better to do in this day and abandon any trip,  
   meetings, travel, deals with partners in this day,.
  main body total

  Ignoring intuition, can be costly,
  for example  
  from the loss of their time. to the loss their lives.
  Just like the fate of the two divers here,  
   women and men are the forgotten in the open ocean.
  Intuition sends us signals, and should think about it.  
   It is better to abandon all travel, meetings, and move it to the next day,  
   or even cancel the trip or meeting  
   with what that person. which does not inspire trust
  Otherwise, you can become a victim, swindler or a robber,  
   Here you can still add, trusting, weak, and good people,  
   often bow to the will of someone else, try to enjoy it and even serve  
   all in a row, so they become regular victims of criminals.  
   Bandits catch these people on guilt.
  in the photo, shots from the film, where the evil woman had attacked on the good woman.

  Animals and birds are very good feeling about the smell of trouble,  
   A case where a dog saved a man from a plane crash  
   The owner was going to go to a friend to fly on a private jet of his friend.
  Cocker by name Jersey seized trousers of the owner Tom Owen
  when that went to the friend to do some flying by his private plane.
  Usually the quietest and gentle dog whined and terribly growled.
  And when the owner nevertheless was going to leave, bit him for a leg,
  than caused serious anger of all family.
  And next morning it became known
  that the friend broke by plane: crashed into the rock.

  In Moscow area the sheep-dog offered herself to rescue the hostess
  and her five-year-old daughter.
  A woman in the twilight walked with a young dog, as suddenly the dog was rushed forth
  and seized teeth the bared wire which was hanging down with the high voltage line.
  From strong blow current the sheep-dog right there died.
  As the arrived electricians told if not a dog, either the girl, or her mother could
  receive a mortal blow current.
  And in Chile, before an earthquake powerful, all dogs fled the city Talkuano.  
   Seagulls remain on the beach and with a squeak wander among the coastal cliffs   
  or sandbanks - will soon be a storm.  
   If sea birds sit on the water - it is good weather.   
  But most people ignore these signs,  
   pictured a woman in a white dress, very relaxed and took   
  and assumed an unexpected blow sobering wave.
  therefore, many people become hostages of circumstances, natural disaster,   
  victims of robberies and accidents.
  In the video, the penultimate moments before the tragedy,
  it seems nothing no signs of trouble,
  but if you look closely, the woman provoked the conflict,
  she feeds orca, teasing her, pouring water,
  that categorically do not need to do
  she doesn't understand, she doesn't feel approximation a deadly trouble
  Deadly killer whale attack on a woman trainer

  People hope for someone who will help them,   
  but many people will come to your aid?  
   Some people even have no sense of their own security, logic,  
   not to mention intuition
  people get into the water to killer whales and sharks,
  are trying to feed a bear or a lion,  
   climb over the barrier to the predatory animals.  
   Of course intuition should not go into paranoia,.  
   and it is necessary to distinguish between fears.  
   For example, you are afraid of heights or the depths, it is a common phobia.   
  There is a logical reason for their fear.
  Paranoia is the permanent state of terror, the constant persecution mania  
   Other ideas inadequate without logical explanation.  

   Although intuition, too, has no logic.
  Intuition - the ability to direct, immediate comprehension of truth  
   without prior reasoning and without evidence.
  Intuition is the sense of the information channel, on a subconscious level,  
   as well as your mental and physical sensations,
  The easiest way to develop intuition, guessing the suit of cards  
   you feel your eyes closed while holding one of the four cards?  
  for example
   Heat and heaviness in her hands, tingling, or a burst of energy?  
  memorizing every sensation associated with a particular suit of cards  
  you start to improve your results, you may have what is your feeling,  
  memorizing the sends are energy, you begin to read invisible information.
 Intuition third eye, it is located in the human forehead, or slightly above,   
  but the danger of for example a person can feel and back,   
  particularly sensitive our scapula,
  it is rather delicate part of the body is also very sensitive to cold.  
   Intuition can be developed through other parts of the body,
  especially our fingers are sensitive  
   through them, you can also pick up information field.  
   Intuition is what is it?  
   If described in simple words Intuition is message of energy with the right answer,   
  with the correct answer, something like this.
  Sometimes it's a powerful message of energy, and a person can easily distinguish
 this message o debris from other useless  
   other people's opinions, the opinions imposed from the outside,
  a logical explanation, only  
   People guess almost unmistakably information.  
   but message of energy is not always powerful, it confuses other information flows,
  In this case, you start to guess,
  you start to to get confused  
  then the probability of a correct  
   response is very reduced, in this case, the best rest for several hours,   
  then your performance will be restored.
  Modern neuroscientists believe that intuition is somehow transmitted to the subconscious mind,  
   as yet unknown to science facts, but at the same time, science it does not denied
  And here's another interesting information
  Passengers Siberian airlines refused to fly.
  Here, everything worked, without casualties.  
  but passengers excitement is quite understandable,  
   Logic and security for their lives.  
   The passengers of one of the airlines that refused to fly out of Ulan-Ude after   
  how people transplanted from a brand new Bombardier CRJ200 on old An-24,   
  told the details of the incident.   
  According to eyewitnesses, the sabotage on board made a mother with young children,  
   when they learned that on the ship, whose state does not inspire confidence,   
  they will have to spend in flight than three hours,
  and as many as eight, people refused to fly on an old plane.

  Few documented historical facts  
   Presentiment of danger before the death of "Titanic"  
   some of the crew members and passengers   
  Author of the book "Futility, or the death of" Titan "," Morgan Robertson (1861-1915)  
   almost exactly described the "disaster of the century."
   In the 14 years before >> drowning "Titanic"
  Ironically novel instance was in the hands of one of the stokers "Titanic"
  named John Coffey, who began to read it during breaks between shifts.  
   As he read, he was horrified to hear a description of the ship on which he sailed.  
   However, the stoker, sensing trouble, hastened to abandon this strange ship
  and three days later he was on "Mauritania",  
   who also was in New York.   

  Mr. Colin MacDonald declined to go into service as an engineer  
   "Titanic", as it seemed to him that the ship should something happen.  
   For unknown reasons, from 3 to 10 April a few people,  
   including banker George Pierpont Morgan,  
   handed over the tickets, a certain reluctance to explain his refusal to go on the first voyage


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