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Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Good time of day, we will talk about Australia of Australian women and men. what are they in reality? Australia that we know about it? The real facts about Australia How to come to Australia?

Good time of day, we will talk about Australia
of Australian women and men.
what are they in reality?
Australia that we know about it?
The real facts about Australia
How to come to Australia?

About Australian women and men.
what are they in reality?
Australia that we know about it?
The real facts about Australia

  Australia is quite a large country and the continent, located in the southern hemisphere  
    between the Indian and Pacific Ocean.
  main body total

  The water in the ocean is not always warm,  
   Since, on the water temperature. affects a cold current.
  A west Australian cold current  
   The photo surfer girl December 18, 2015
  Therefore, the water in the ocean near Australia is not always warm,  
   It is not always near a temperature of 25 degrees in Australia  
   The highest temperature of the water such as off the coast of Sydney   
  in February is + 23 + 24 degrees Celsius.  
   In March too, still warm,   
  The photo Australian girl practicing surfing)) March 2, 2016.
  but in August the water temperature in the ocean off Australia  
   It falls off the coast of Sydney, up to + 17 degrees.   
  Therefore surfers, this time of year,   
  how the boys and girls surfers wearing insulated wetsuits.
  Since all Australia per revolution,  
   August is one of the colder season.   
  The waves are often not just big, but just huge
  So if you're not a surfer, it is not particularly swim   
  This is quite dangerous, you could just drown in these waves,   
  or even possible to drag you in the ocean,  
    moreover in Australian coastal waters   
  even when the sea calm, something that can spoil the rest,.  
    here are usual poisonous fish, jellyfish, sea snakes,   
  and of course sharks.  
    pictured a shark jumping out of the water in Coffs Harbour in Australia
  from so simple a shark that can so simply  
   swim past you and jump in front of you.   
  Shark could just watch you, because shark attack, not always,   
  but bathing people, especially first time flew to Australia   
  people, the shark near the shore, may scare very much,
  But for locals kind of sharks, it's like you go to buy bread.
   But despite this,  
   residents of Australia is happy people who smile more  
   many of them are involved in sports.
  Because Melbourne is not in vain considered to be informal  
   the winter capital of the world tennis   
  It was in Melbourne at the tennis complex "Melbourne Park"
  Here the is held annually in Meldburne Australian Open,   
    Start a Grand Slam tournament tennis season in January.
  Melbourne Park consists of three central,      
   three demonstration and a few warm-up tennis courts.  
   In all the courts of the Australian Open  
   firm covering the brand Rebound Ace.  
   The main arena of one of the major tennis tournaments,
  Australian Open - Rod Laver Arena   
  It was named in honor of one of the greatest athletes of this country.  
   This unique facility is part of a sports complex,   
  located in the city of Melbourne Park.
  Chief Court "AUSTRALIAN OPEN" - Rod Laver Arena.   
  Court built in 1988,   
  and is named after the famous Australian tennis player Rod Laver in 2000.   
  Rod Laver Arena Capacity of 15 000 spectators,
  a tennis court equipped with a retractable roof.
  Technical features   
  Rod Laver Arena is the first in Australia  
   sports, complex equipped with a sliding roof  
  - Which is why competitions are held here almost in any weather   
  and enjoyable for the athletes and spectators conditions.   
  This is particularly important for Australia Open finals,
  during which there is often unstable weather and frequent extremes of heat and rain.
  widely used system of "Hawkeye" For the tennis competition,
  prompting referees and clearly showing the exact players
  the location of the ball at the platform control line - out will never go unnoticed.
  Technical capabilities allow very rapid turn arena
  in a large hall for concerts and other cultural events.
  During the period after reconstruction here neodnakratno gave concerts
  Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake,
  Pink, Nickelback band, Slipknot, Linkin Park, Iron Maiden, Korn.

  In Australia, a classic of world football is not so well developed,  
    as Australian football, which is very strong passions boil.  
    Our usual football as such here is in a semiconscious state  
  (Look at the results of the Australian national team games in football in recent years,
  but Australian football is really excites all residents of Australia,  
   sometimes outweighing political news, taking the whole turns newspapers,  
   or pouring the games broadcast to several channels in the same time.   
  One of the biggest stadiums in Australia, in Melbourne
  Etihad Stadium , Melbourne.   
  Capacity 56,347 spectators.  
   Excellent stadium with a retractable roof   
  Built in 2000 for $ 420 million.
  The right to a name, bought the national airline of the United Arab Emirates   
  Etihad Airways.
  Prior to this, the stadium was sponsored other name  
   Colonial Stadium and Telstra Dome.  
  'Real' is the name (not commercial) Docklands Stadium (Docklands Stadium).  
   Derived from its location, the stadium is located in Melbourne's docks.  
  On  The photo can be seen at the stadium itself entrances.   
  A pedestrian overpass on the left directly connects
  the stadium with a Melbourne train station.  
   The Australian city of Melbourne is among the ten most beautiful cities of our planet!
  You will find a huge number of monuments, museums,  
  theaters, cathedrals, churches, parks, exhibition centers and other interesting,  
   unforgettable places that are worth visiting.
   theaters, cathedrals, churches, parks, exhibition centers and other interesting,   
  unforgettable places that are worth visiting.
  Melbourne second-largest city in Australia.  
   Together with the suburbs of the city of Melbourne   
  It has a population of nearly four million people.   
  It is in this city focused mainly cultural and sports life of the country,
  so it is often referred to as Australia's "capital of sport and culture."  
    Famous for this city is also an interesting combination of the two directions   
  architecture - contemporary and Victorian.
  The theater building in Melbourne.
  There are so many gardens and parks, and the population is multinational.   

  Captain Cook's Cottage

  No less majestic and the first largest city in Australia, Sydney.   
  a population for 2011 was estimated to be approximately 4.5 million
  photo on the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge
  Bridge will long remain in the list of the largest arch bridge in the world.  
   Steel Arch "Hangers" weighs 39,000 tons.  
   It rises 134 meters above sea level (the highest point)   
  and wherein a clearance (clearance)   
  49 meters above the water surface of the bay,   
  which provides easy access for all ocean-going vessels under the bridge.   
  Interestingly, the height of the arch can be increased by about 18 cm   
  on hot days due to the fact that the metal is being heated expands.   
  The total length of the entire bridge - 1149 meters. The width of the bridge 49 meters
  Finally, the capital of Australia.  
   A small but very beautiful Canberra  
   It is the capital of the Commonwealth of Australia.  
   A city with a population of about 340 thousand people
  Here is a green city Canberra >>

  The standard of living in Australia is among the highest on the planet.  
   Women are sometimes earn more money than men
  Climbing the career ladder, and often dominate over men
  The law in Australia, and more on the side of women,  
   so the Australian men are in no hurry to start a family,   
  Here are the typical complaints of Australian men on their local Australian women.
  My first wife, Australian could get out of bed at midnight,  
    put "not very clean jeans" and go to the pub to drink beer.   
  Because her girlfriend called my wife.
  and she reported that she located in beer bar and she was bored.
  Coming home could in the morning or do not come home.   
  I could not do anything and did not try to influence it,    for fear of being accused of sexual assault.  
   Asked to wash clothes was the answer - go to the laundry,  
   on the question of the preparation of the dinner was the answer - go to McDonald's.  
   My new wife from Malaysia work 8 hours a day,   
  cleans the apartment, cooks, washes, spends all his free time with the children.
  I'm happy and I do not care what she looks like! "   
  A great number of examples
  when the woman calls the police a statement about the violence
  as soon as learning about the "thickness of the purse" new friend.  
   Australian man will go to the pub to drink beer and watch the rugby,  
   than approach to the proposal of a new acquaintance with a woman.
  Australian man, is forced to be prudent and very careful because
  of the laws that are on the side of women.
  in relationships with women, which often leads to the neglect of women.     
   But it is not all bad, there are successful and good relationship  
   between men and women in Australia.

  Real estate prices  
   Real estate prices are very high in Australia  
   Most of Australia's population can not afford to buy any apartment or house.  
   Only if to pull the mortgage for decades!

  From the stories of those who left for Australia.  
  and for those who want to move to Australia and become a citizen  
  In Australia, the inflated unprecedented "bubble" in real estate,  
  that it is incommensurable overstated.  
  It is difficult to disagree.  
  But believe me, talking about the same in 2010, the year,  
  when I came to Australia.  
  Property prices scared.  
  Then the median home price was 640,000 dollars.   
  In order to take credit for 30 years  
  it was necessary to have a deposit of at least 10 percent of the cost of housing,  
  and better than 20 percent to avoid paying huge insurance bank.  
  But most Australians amass such a sum is not easy.  
  about the quality of housing:
  the cracks in the windows, the curve tiles, poorly painted walls.  
  On many streets still standing wooden poles with electric cables from house to house.
   This is similar to the 19th century, oh,.
  I tried to explain for the electrician for is water heating under parquet   
  and a cool air-conditioned room by means of cold water.  
   The eyes of man on the forehead climbed.  
   My mobile phone bills come to her husband's name,   
  and it - come to me.  
   Trying to remake not the first month.   
  The telephone company Smile, and promise to fix everything is repeated again.   
  Pricing: I never thought that in the city,   
  which is located on the ocean will be such a high price for seafood
  Recently, in any organization can not do its work correctly,  
  on the first try without spending a huge amount of your time.  
  Do you do private insurance, or get a driver's license,  
  Do you open a bank account, whether any service you order,  
  always some confusion, incompetence and inattention ordinary.  
  Well give you the wrong information, confusing address  
  make two more times to come in person to open the last bill,  
  Well, you're wasting your time in the organization of half an hour, and all two ...  
  In general, nothing terrible happens.  
  Just wasted time and frustration, and sometimes occur and financial losses.  
  Who cares? Take it easy! You are in Australia!
  And only the tax inspectorate impresses with its quick and accurate work.
   I have before my eyes a string viewed lodging options in different price band reception.  
  Among them are the normal options were very few.  
  Perhaps Australians are very unpretentious - they do not mind the dark shelter,  
  smell of mold or a busy highway outside the window.  
  The apartment where we live (apartment renovated and very bright)  
  constantly break valves and all pipes in a terrible state,  
  window frames and in such slit  
  that cold winter evenings just makes no sense to heat the room.  
  Uggs our all!
  This is how you can be surprised in Australia to freeze from the cold?  
  Many who have never been to Australia,  
   they think that there is always warm and the winter does not happen.  
  In some ways they are right, and something not.  
  In fact, in Australia quite strongly felt the difference between summer and winter.  
  All due to the fact that here in the homes of such a thing as "central heating"  
  does not exist.  
  I'll tell you the example of Brisbane, where I live.  
  In winter, when night temperature drops to 6-7 degrees Celsius,
  дома становится очень и очень прохладно.
  in the house becomes a very, very cool.  
   Seriously, save me from the cold only woolen socks :)   
  Closer to lunch the sun warms the air somewhere 20-22 degrees,
  and then it becomes a little bit easier,   
  although the house is still a day does not have time
  to warm up and the room is cold again.
  But if there is no sun on the street,
  but in addition the wind is blowing (the benefit is not often)  
  - Even in a warm jacket on the street it gets cold.  
  This is certainly not often the case, but still there.  
  In summer the situation is reversed
 - the air in the average temperature reaches 30 degrees  
  and in principle it is not too hot (even despite the high humidity).  
  But it happens that the temperature rises above this mark,  
  and then it begins the hell :) Especially it becomes difficult to sleep at night, so as
  really hot and the air bag is heated very quickly.  
  Last summer, the maximum was recorded at around 36 degrees,
  so I remember it was hard at all :)
  Here it should be noted at once that kind of thing - if your house has air conditioning,  
  it becomes much easier to live
  - in the summer cools the house, and in winter warms the contrary.  
  But it costs a lot of money, especially if you frequently use air conditioning.  
  Still, the electricity is not cheap.  
  climate is slightly different in the other states.  
  Melbourne, for example, generally known for its unpredictable weather,  
  there can be hot and cold, and in one day.  
  This has an advantage of Brisbane,  
  in my opinion, where the climate is more moderate.
  Top of interesting facts about Australia.  
  Fence from predatory dogs dingoes.


  It is the longest fence in the world by a dingo.   
  Its construction began somewhere in 1880  
   and it was finished after five years for   
  to keep dingoes away from the fertile land in the south-east of the continent,   
  as well as to protect the livestock.   
  The length of the fence - 5,614 km.
  With the development of sheep farming in Australia,  
   dingo in some areas began to hunt on livestock.   
  Dog Dingo, began to love meat livestock.
  and for many years breeders are difficult war with these predators.   
  Sheep in Australia tend to graze without shepherds  
   and often protected by powerful dogs.   
  Dingo retreat, if they see the superiority of dogs,   
  but they can also break the dog to shreds if their forces prevail.   
  Similarly, the act and the dog, if it is possible to cut from the pack of dingoes.  
   Dingo Dogs fighting furiously,  
   and bitten and a defeated dingoes can pretend to be dead,  
   and as soon as it leaves the dog, switching to other members of the pack,  
   He is trying to escape.
  These dingoes very cunning.
  in the figure, a light-brown spots - areas of habitat of wild dingo,  
   purple shown fence  
   For the dingo fence almost come.  
   That is, they are trying to go, of course, but the anti dingo fence,   
  as well as anti rabbit actively patrolled.
  Patrol monitor the state of the fence and kill all encountered dingoes.   
  Maintenance of the fence in order, according to rumors, costing 15 million,   
  Australian dollars a year.   
  Despite the fact that Australia is washed by two oceans,
  In Australia, there are sometimes problems with water.  
    Because, freshwater rivers in Australia a little bit and they are not full of water,  
    some rivers and ponds dry up during extreme heat
  Little koala drinks water during a drought in Australia.
  Kangaroo drinking water
  The drought in Sydney declared water savings:  
   it is impossible, for example,  
  Wash your car with a hose or watering lawns in an unspecified time  
   - For it is punished by the penalty.  
  instead of crows flying noisy cockatoo.

  And now about the positive advantages of Australia

  Flying 'doctors.   
  Literally it called «Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia  
   This is a service that allows you to provide medical care to those  
   who live in remote and isolated areas of the continent.   
  It is a nonprofit organization that helps those   
  who can not get to a hospital nearby.   
  It became the symbol and icon of Australian culture.   
  Australia is the pristine nature, beautiful landscapes.   
  The photo rain forests of the eastern coast of Australia.
  Tasmania, thanks to a little more than a cool and humid climate, there are growing  
    dense forests with a fantastic variety of trees.
  Eucalyptus in Australia.  
   They are everywhere: from the hot deserts of ocean coasts to mountain peaks.   
  Growing eucalyptus trees very quickly: to 10 years reaches 20 meters,   
  and a century anniversary - 100 m.  
   They have adapted to the strong evaporation,   
  earning the fame pumps trees.   
  One eucalyptus is able to evaporate for the year to 14 tons of water
  Australian forests are composed of three quarters.  
   It is the tallest trees, reaching up to 155 meters in height  
   and 25 - a trunk circumference.  
   Giants disappear - to blame only the people
  20 years ago in the south of Western Australia's
  people left many traces and damage in the forest     
   At the same eucalyptus superficial root system,
  barely covered with a thin layer of soil.  
   Trails, campfires, holidays many people travel and machines led to the fact,  
   that the roots are not kept.  
   Through the wounds penetrated fungal disease gradually destroys trees.  
   To stop this, the Australians did not prohibit the visit of relic forests.  
   Department of Environmental Protection held a competition  
   the creation of the suspension pedestrian trails in the crowns
  of eucalyptus trees at a height of 40 meters  
   (As a 10-storey building).
    In the end, we chose the 600-meter project of ultralight titanium alloy.
   Great Barrier Reef.  
   This reef is the largest coral reef of the world,
  so it is - a favorite place of divers.   
  Actually, the Great Barrier Reef consists of more than 2900 small reefs,
  surrounded by offshore islands.  
   Nowhere else there is such a natural ecosystem,   
  which coexist many corals (400 species), fish,   
  including several species of sharks, sea turtles.   
  This reef is visible even from outer space and is the largest construction,   
  created by living organisms.   
  The second tallest in Australia - a beautiful four-Mitchell Falls.

  Queensland - the most picturesque state of Australia.

  Australia. Hyams beach.   
  Included in the Guinness Book of Records, as the beach with the white sand.

  Mysterious Uluru
  Uluru (Ayers Rock) is located in the central part of Australia.  
  The height of the cliff -318m, length - 3.6 km, width - 3 km.
   The base of the cliffs indented caves decorated with ancient rock paintings.  
  The rock is made of red sandstone, which changes color depending on the sunlight.
   At the dawn of the rock is black, then dark purple, later purplish red, pink.  
  In the middle of the day the rock becomes golden.  
  Uluru is the largest monolith,  
  but in fact - is the tip of a bygone underground mountain a total height of 6 km.
  How to go to live in Australia?  
   Someone goes on a student visa, and then stays there.   
  on a work visa, a woman through marriage agency.

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