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Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

New Zealand is a paradise on earth. Travel to New Zealand. The most beautiful places on the islands of New Zealand.

New Zealand is a paradise on earth.
Travel to New Zealand.
The most beautiful places on the islands of New Zealand.


The most beautiful places on the islands of New Zealand.
New Zealand mysteriously beautiful place on the planet.

  This country is in far south-western Pacific Ocean,  
   in Polynesia, located on two large islands (North and South).  
   What would you get there and see the paradise on earth,  
   We need to spend more than 30 - 40 hours in successive  
   flights in an airplane, and the intervals between flights.   
  Flight to South East Asia,
  then in Australia, and then from there in New Zealand.   
  Much of the route is over the ocean.
  But not everyone will be decided on such a long journey,  
    Therefore, we make a virtual tour of New Zealand.  
    Unusual New Zealand beaches, white sand, coastal dunes and cliffs and caves.  
    It creates amazing landscapes.
  main body total

  At low tide these beaches are even more interesting area for walks.   
  One of these amazing beaches called wharariki .
  Wharariki beach:
  It is not only the beach, this is a great sanctuary
  for many species of animals and birds.  
   The photo fur seal resting on the beach Wharariki.
  View the spit Farewell spit, from space,
  the spit length of about 35 km,   
  most of which is a sanctuary for the animals.
  National Park Abel Tasman  
   This is another wonderful jewel of New Zealand   
  Pure transparent water and dense vegetation of the place is astounding.
  If you want to take a hot bath with healing minerals, please  
    there is a place on the Coromandel Peninsula:   
  Living source of hot water gushes out at the beach,  
    enough to dig a small hole and you can be happy,
  like this one girl in the photo.
  The temperature of water bubbling
  from underground sources up to 60 degrees Celsius.   
  Another picturesque place, located among the rocks and lakes.
  Takaka (Takaka) - New Zealand.
  One more place: Harwoods Hole Walk - Takaka Hill  
   Forest walks deep into the hole in a place Takaka.
  The deep hole is not fenced, required safety measures.  
   Hole depth of about 170 -200 meters.
  The most transparent lake in the world, is also in New Zealand.   
  water transparency reaches 70 to 80 meters!   
  This sacred lake Maori tribe
  Blue Lake in the Maori language is called Rotomairewhenua.
  At the moment it is considered to be the cleanest lake in the world!     
   His incredibly clear water lake of New Zealand is obliged glacial waters,  
   which pass through the whole mountain natural filtration system.   
  The water in this mountain lake cold enough to 5-8 ° C.
  There is forbidden any kind of human activity,
  Swimming in the lake is prohibited.   
  It is forbidden to even enter into the lake.   
  To get these wonderful pictures,   
  New Zealand authorities have asked permission from Maori   
  Departa and Nature Conservation in New Zealand,   
  after which the photographer
  and diver Klaus Tiemann was allowed
  to descend to the bottom of this lake.   
  On the landing of the helicopter on the lake,
  as the exclusive authorization was made.
  This Blue Lake is located at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level,
     it receives water from another lake situated above over it.
  One more purest lake in the world located in New Zealand.  
   Lake Pupu Springs, New Zealand:
  Swimming in the lake is also prohibited.
  The warm and mild climate of New Zealand, allows to grow grapes here.  
   New Zealanders create superior grapes  
   and make him a fine wine.
  There is a special tourist route, called the Wine Tour.   
  To admire the green beauty of New Zealand.
  New Zealand is a fabulously beautiful country.  
   This unique region is subtropical climate on the northern island  
   and temperate in the south of the South Island,.
  In the mountains dominated by the harsh alpine climate.  
   Snowfalls are be observed mainly in the mountainous regions of the country;  
   on the South Island in the cold clear night frosts it is possible.
  The chain of the Southern Alps and divides the country in half,   
  blocking the path of the predominant westerly winds
  divides it into two distinct climatic zones.  
  West Coast of the South Island - the most humid part of the country;  
  eastern part, located just 100 kilometers from it - the driest.  
  East Australian Current,  
  passing through the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand,  
  climate makes the islands and the east coast of Australia warmer  
  and humid, subtropical rain instead;  
  It contributes to the spread of tropical marine fauna  
  in the subtropical region along the southeast coast of Australia and New Zealand.     
  Hike through the Southern Alps (New Zealand Alps)
  On the photo of the girl going through the mountains to the Fox Glacier
  On the photo of Fox Glacier in the Southern Alps.
  The height of the mountains of the Southern Alps in an average of about three kilometers.
  On the photo The highest mountain in New Zealand  
   - The name of this mountain Aoraki Mount Cook   
  The height of the mountain is 3754 meters is the highest point in New Zealand.
  Beautiful view of Mount Aoraki ))
  On the northern island of New Zealand, it is located the great Lake Taupo
  It is the largest freshwater body in New Zealand.  
   The area of its mirror - 616 km².  
   Maximum depth - 186 m.   
  The length of the greatest diameter - 44 km.   
  The coastline - 193 km.  
   The catchment area - 3487 square kilometers.
  From the lake flows the largest river Waikato country.

  Lake Taupo - It is ideal for outdoor activities
  and also for fishing.
  The lake water is of exceptional purity and just teeming with trout.   
  Bike ride on New Zealand.   
  Bike ride along Lake Taupo.
  The small town Taupo attracts visitors to its lake,
  the beautiful girls   
  and various cultural events.
  On the northern shore of Lake Taupo is the eponymous town of Taupo,  
   and placed mountains "Tongariro" national park on the opposite side.  
   Mount Tongariro National Park, Taupo volcano.
  And some of New Zealand's cities.   
  Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand   
  with a population of about 1.3 million people living here,  
   It is accounting for about 32% of the total population.   
  The area takes more Oakland,   
  It is the largest urban area of New Zealand.
  On the photo views of Auckland, a business center and the adjacent neighborhoods.
  Auckland Bridge.
  Single-storey houses Auckland.
  Here in these homes live people of New Zealand.
  The second largest city in New Zealand is Wellington.
  The city is located in the Wellington
  region in the southern part of the North Island.
  According to the 2007, the population of the city of Wellington area
  was about 460 thousand people.
  Wellington City Beach.
  In conclusion, fantastic views of the natural landscape
  of Lake Wanaka (Wanaka) and the surrounding green hills.
  Directed by famous films knowingly chose such an amazing place)  
   Kaikoura - a peninsula, where you can  
   watch sperm whales, sea lions,   
  dark dolphins and albatrosses!   
  They are not waiting for you in pools or aquariums,
  they are waiting for you on the loose in the open ocean.
  Interesting facts about New Zealand.
   The lunar month is more like a tilted bowl than a sickle.
   New Zealanders are looking a little different at the sky.  
  26. The longest place name in the world
  owns high (305m) New Zealand Hill:
  27. New Zealand - a country of small businesses.  
  It is very easy to start a business and keep afloat at the beginning.     
  28. Winter is from June to August. Summer - December to February.  
  29. In New Zealand's three official languages:
   English, Maori and sign language.  
  And two hymns: State and British, respectively.  
  30. drinkers are free on the streets and in parks - with water taps.  
  Often distribute free sunscreen in places where the people.

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