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Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

-- What is the difference between New Zealand women and Australian women? Differences between Australian women and New Zealand women Women of Australia and New Zealand A bit about Australian and New Zealand women Common features and differences How do women live in New Zealand and Australia?

What is the difference between New Zealand women and Australian women?
Differences between Australian women and New Zealand women
Women of Australia and New Zealand

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A bit about Australian and New Zealand women
Common features and differences
How do women live in New Zealand and Australia?
  Australian and New Zealand women in the era of great geographical discoveries
  Tried to compete on a par with men in the conduct of business and the development of new territories,
  New Zealand women were among the first to achieve equality with men New Zealand (1893),
  Australians a little later (1902).
  In the photo, the 18-year-old daughter of a New Zealand farmer,
  tamed a cow for horse riding.
  According to data for 2008, in New Zealand, a bachelor's degree in architecture received 330 men and 300 women.
  Thus, the beautiful half managed to equalize the gender balance in this profession,
  And for some categories even bypass men.
  If we consider the statistics for individual specialties,
  Such as architecture and urban planning and construction,
  A diploma in architecture and urban planning received 280 women against 260 men.
  main body total

  The New Zealand woman achieves independence, seeks to create her own business,
  Achieve a result in any areas or become famous in the cinema.
  In the photo the famous actresses, on the left Peta Wilson from the film "Her name was Nikita"
  Where she played a secret agent.
  In the photo to the right Lucy Lawless played Xena to the Warrior Princess,
  where she played the brave Amazon.

  Both these women are also actresses from New Zealand.

  Do not lag behind them and Australian women, and even more, many Australian women,
  In contrast to New Zealand women who are more eager for private business,
  Australian women
  Seek to obtain a high status in society,
  on the photo minister Julia Isabel Bishop and the American-Australian actress Nicole Kidman
  Australian women seek to make a career in government bodies, in the armed forces.
  Australian women love sports and active travel,
  Many Australian women ride a bicycle,
  In the city of Melbourne you will see how many Australian women
  Go to work on a bicycle,
  Among all the cities of Australia, here is the largest number of women bicyclists.
  Many women in Australia prefer to drove to work on a bicycle or even go on foot,
  Than to go by public transport.
  Some Australians are engaged in extreme sports,
  In courage, Australian women are not inferior to New Zealand women,
  Australian women dive into the ocean near sharks
  The average image of an Australian woman is a sporty woman with strong muscles
  Or a bit fat, woman who seeks to lose weight.
  In personal relationships, Australian women dominate men.
  The law in Australia, and more on the side of women,
  so the Australian men are in no hurry to start a family,
  Here are the typical complaints of Australian men on their local Australian women.
  My first wife, Australian could get out of bed at midnight,
  put "not very clean jeans" and go to the pub to drink beer.
  Because her girlfriend called my wife.
  and she reported that she located in beer bar and she was bored.
  Coming home could in the morning or do not come home.
  I could not do anything and did not try to influence it, for fear of being accused of sexual assault.
  Asked to wash clothes was the answer - go to the laundry,
  on the question of the preparation of the dinner was the answer - go to McDonald's.
  My new wife from Malaysia work 8 hours a day,
  cleans the apartment, cooks, washes, spends all his free time with the children.

  Perhaps, Australian women have become more severe due to the fact that they had to
  Survive in difficult conditions.
  Faced with danger, an Australian woman, saves not only herself,
  But also those who need help, in the photo an Australian woman rescues a horse,
  The horse was bogged down in quicksand, thanks to the heroism of this woman, the horse was saved.

  One of the most famous Australian women, of aristocratic origin.
  Georgiana McCrae, leaving a luxurious life in London, decided to move to Australia, in the city of Melbourne.
  Where she had to deal with the arrangement of life, to rule in colonial lands,
  Where hard physical labor was required, a woman of aristocratic descent was not easy.
  Georgiana McCrae is considered one of the most famous women pioneers in Australia

  Georgiana McCrae was the daughter of Duke Gordon.
  In Britain, she was recognized as an excellent artist, and in 1820, at the age of 16,
  She received a silver medal from the Royal Society of Arts for her work.
  In 1830, Georgiana married Andrew McCrae, a lawyer who originally practiced in Edinburgh.
  In 1838, he booked a trip to Australia, which, in his opinion, brought great opportunities.
  It is reported that Georgiana, unable to travel at the time due to illness,
  Collected funds for a long journey, drawing miniatures.
  She and her children arrived in Port Phillip on March 1, 1841.
  When Georgiana arrived in Melbourne, the settlement was only five years old, and the uninhabited space around,
 Dirt and animal feces underfoot, etc.
  Privileged life, which she headed as a representative of the English upper class, was over.
  Probably through the generations, the difficult conditions of life,
  Made Australian women strong and tough, to survive in difficult circumstances.
  After work, many Australian women are not averse to drinking alcohol and will relax.
  Of course, not all Australian women are heroes,
  Some Australians have problems with the law in other countries,
  They carry illegal drugs, through customs, and fall into the hands of police and justice,
  Living in a rich Australia, relaxes many Australians,
  They forget, this is during tourist trips to other countries.
  On photo by Schapelle Corby, who was arrested, in Indonesia for possession of illegal drugs.
  Schapelle Corby, was sentenced to 20 years in prison ,.
  Fortunately she was lucky
  Corby remained in prison for only 9 years,
  And 3 years after release, was under the supervision of police and medical personnel,
  She had no right to leave Indonesia until the police were convinced,
  That Schapelle Corby, began to behave well.
  Corby was to leave the island of Bali on May 27, 2017.
  This case received a huge public response in Australia itself,
  Thousands of Australians, protested and collected signatures for the liberation of Schapelle Corby,
  To get Corby out of jail and return her home to Australia.
  The ministers of Australia also did everything possible to get their compatriot out of prison.

  Women from New Zealand, also have a strong character,
  Some of them choose a very tough sport, like rugby.
  However, the woman of New Zealand will always come to the rescue, even the opponent is in trouble.
  The New Zealand runner woman stopped to help an American woman who had fallen in the distance.
  Nikki Hamblin interrupted the race for the sake of Abby D'Agostino,
  But both athletes qualified for the final 5 km in Rio 2016.
  This is how the a good competition differs from bad competition, to identify the best and worthy in a fair fight.
  And if you need to come to the aid of even the opponent.
  But New Zealand men continue to complain about the harsh nature of their compatriots.
  New Zealand women do not like men whiners and weaklings,
  New Zealand women act like Amazons
  and they do not want to concede to mens in anything.
  New Zealand woman does not think much about fashion
  and dress up easier And simply
  as it suits them in everyday life and at work.
  Many New Zealand women are engaged in their own business, have farms
  They do not depend on the state, they rely only on themselves,
  On photo business lady Cecilia Robinson (Swedish origin)
  New Zealand women like to have fun.
  Kiwi women instead of blouses, love to wear a cardigan with a hood, it's favorite clothes
  In New Zealand.
  New Zealand women also participate in various political actions.
  Women's movement in New Zealand is very strong,
  New Zealand women are actively involved in public life.
  Women of New Zealand love nature and travel,
  Because New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with one of the highest living standards in the world.
  New Zealand women are one of the happiest women in the world,
  because they live in a unique beautiful country,
  Country of great opportunities.
  As we see, Australian and New Zealand women have more in common,
  Than some differences
  These women are equally fighting for their rights, are able to work and actively rest.
  Residents of these rich countries do not aspire to ostentatious luxury,
  And they consider it a bad taste, qualities such as lack of modesty.
  ostentatious luxury



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