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Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Why the Australian youth are looking for extreme walks abroad in countries where very strict laws? Some dangerous trips of Australians In the countries of the Pacific region and regions of the Indian Ocean

Why the Australian youth are looking for extreme walks abroad
in countries where very strict laws?
Some dangerous trips of Australians
In the countries of the Pacific region and regions of the Indian Ocean

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In Australia, people and kangaroos
also freeze from the cold

Dangerous travels of Australians abroad
  Probably many watched the movie midnight express.
  Where a tourist from the United States goes to jail
  In one not very democratic country.
  main body total

  So be careful when you are traveling to the country,
 Where there is no democracy and  
  Where a person's life is worth nothing
 Australian tourists forget.
That they are in another country.
  On the photo Young Australian women on vacation overseas
 Even where soft drugs are considered a serious crime
  On the photo Schapelle Corby
 Schapelle Leigh Corby (born 10 July 1977) is an Australian woman
  who was convicted of smuggling cannabis into Indonesia.
  She spent nine years imprisoned on the Indonesian island
  of Bali in Kerobokan Prison.
  Since her arrest Corby has publicly maintained that
  the drugs were planted in her bodyboard bag and that she did not know about them.
  Her trial and conviction were a major focus of attention for the Australian media
 In August 2009, Jonathan Phillips, an Australian psychiatrist and past president
  of the RANZCP, was paid by New Idea magazine
  to fly to Bali and assess her condition.
  His report, which appeared in the magazine and accompanied
  a deal between the magazine and the Corby family,
  stated that her mental condition was deteriorating seriously
  in the prison and urged that she be transferred to an Australian hospital or,
  at least, an Indonesian one.
  The Premier of Queensland, Anna Bligh, supported Corby serving
  her time in Australia.
  Corby has been medicated for both depression and bouts of psychosis.

  Corby was released from Kerobokan Prison on 10 February 2014.
  Avoiding the packed media surrounding her,
  she was loaded into a prison van
  and taken to the prosecutor's office in Denpasar,
  where she was fingerprinted and had the rules of her parole explained to her.
  Corby then left the prosecutor's office in the prison van,
  which drove towards the Bali Correction Centre.
  After she arrived at the Correction Centre,
  she signed her parole and underwent final explanation of her parole.
  She was then released.
 It is believed she will stay with her sister
  in Kuta to serve her parole period.

 Another young Australian woman was arrested in China.
  Woman Kalynda Davis, was allegedly caught trying to smuggle 75 kg of "ice"
  out of China.
  Shackled and shorn: Kalynda Davis (above)
  was placed in shackles and had her long blonde hair forcibly cut
  in a prison bob as she awaited the outcome of secret negotiations
  with Chinese authorities to secure her freedom
  on the grounds she knew nothing of the drugs packed in the suitcases.


  Ex Sydney cop Larry Davis flew secretly to China
  and with the help of Australian consular officials manageed
  to secure the release of his daughter Kalynda
  (pictured, with her father), but Peter Gardner was not so lucky

  After a dangerous misunderstandings, she was released.
  And returned with her father, home to Australia.
  Another passenger Peter Gardner,
  who created an unpleasant situation for the girl.
  He hid dangerous substances, next to a woman  
  Which flew in the plane on the same flight
  Will answer before the Chinese law
  Sydney construction worker Peter Gardner (centre),pictured handcuffed
  and escorted by police,
  arrives at Guangzhou Court which is about to determine
  whether he will face a firing squad
  for attempting to smuggle a massive drug haul.
  Gardner, has been in a Chinese prison since he was arrested
  in November 2014 trying to board a flight to Australia
  with his then girlfriend, woman Kalynda Davis.
  Strictly confidential diplomatic talks convinced Chinese officials
  that Kalynda Davis had known nothing about the suitcase contents
  and saved her from the possible death penalty.
  Sydney building worker Peter Gardner, will learn his fate in April
  when a Guangzhou court in southern China decides
  if he will get the death penalty for attempting to smuggle
  30kg "ice" onto a Sydney bound plane
  he was boarding with Sydney woman Kalynda Davis

  With people happen the harrowing stories
  of people who end up in situations beyond their worst nightmares.
  Some have been caught smuggling drugs or another illegal item through customs.
  On the photo
  Scenes from the movie Locked Up Abroad and Banged Up Abroad
  Other adventurers have strayed too far off the beaten track
  and found themselves hostage to guerrilla forces.
  In some countries dangerous animals and reptiles live
 Tourists from Australia and Europe travel to countries,
  Where inexpensive service and cheap prices,
  but they forget about the dangers,..

  EVERY DAY almost nine Australians go missing,
  get hurt or die overseas with Thailand and Indonesia
  among the most dangerous places to visit.
 Tourism lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney, David Beirman,
  said the statistics represented only a tiny percentage
  of the 9 million Australians who travelled overseas each year.
 “Many of those who do die overseas, die from natural causes,
  old age, or medical conditions rather
  than foul play or misadventure,” said Dr Beirman.
 “Having said that, places like Thailand do attract larger groups
 of younger people who engage in fairly risky activities,
  like the Full Moon Festivals and motorcycle riding.”
 “I don’t think that makes Thailand and Indonesia
  inherently dangerous destinations.
  It’s the choices people make when they visit those places.”



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