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Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Cheerleader Fight (Ginny) Rivalry between two senior high school girls from a cheerleader squad causes a brutal duel behind the gym

Cheerleader Fight (Ginny)
Rivalry between two senior high school girls from a cheerleader
squad causes a brutal duel behind the gym

Cheerleader Fight
  This happened the second week my senior year of high school.
  I'd been a varsity cheerleader for two years, but our school required us to re-qualify
  each year so there was spirited competition for the eight spots.
  This year, however, it was more than just spirited, it got downright mean! main body total

  Carol was a transfer student from the city.
  She said she'd been a cheerleader at her previous school,
  but when we saw her at the tryouts, we didn't believe it.
  Not that she wasn't pretty, she was beautiful, but she was more than a little uncoordinated.
  I mean, she could walk and chew gum OK, but don't ask her to carry something at the same time.
  At first, she was like comic relief, but after she stepped on a girl's ankle and sprained it,
  a couple of us went to Miss Colgan, our teacher and asked her to cut Carol, but she refused.

  I don't know how Carol found out we talked to Miss Colgan,
  but the very next day she bumped me during one of our routines.
  I wasn't hurt, but the fall didn't help my chances of making the team.
  When I got up I shoved her, and told her,
 ' Stay away from me if you don't want to get hurt.'
  After practice, a couple of girls patted me on the back and congratulated me.

  The next day, the redheaded bitch bumped me again.
  This time, there was no doubt about whether it was intentional.
  I got up and slapped her as hard as I could.
  She was shorter (5ft 3 to 5ft. 7) but we weighed about same (115? to my 120).
  She wasn't intimidated and came at me, grabbing a handful of my shoulder long auburn hair.
  I'd grabbed her red hair when Miss Colgan broke us up.
  'If you two can't get along,' she warned, 'I'll cut you both from the squad.'
  Hearing that, we both let go and backed off.

  Miss Colgan told us to keep away from each other for the rest of practice.
  'If I get any more trouble from either of you, you're finished.
  Is that clear?'
  We both nodded but I knew from Carol's expression she wasn't going to forgive and forget and neither was I.
  After practice, Debbie Rosen told me Carol wanted to meet me behind the gym, '...
  to settle things once and for all.'
  Debbie asked if I was scared and I told her I'd not only be there but I was looking forward to it.

  Really though, I was nervous the rest of the day.
  I'd only been in two fights in my life.
  Once with Mike Murphy in the 5th grade and the other with the same Debbie Rosen in the 10th.
  I don't remember why I fought Mike, but losing to Debbie didn't make me over-confident for my upcoming set-to with Carol.

  Debbie and I fought over some guy.
  She was a tough little girl whose older brothers played football.
  I guess she wrestled a lot with them growing up, because she tied me in knots.
  I ended up with a bloody nose from Debbie pushing my face in the dirt.
  I hoped I'd have better luck with Carol.

  After school, three of my friends and I headed out to meet Carol.
  She was with her new best friend, Debbie Rosen. When the redhead took off her denim jacket,
  I got a real shock. She had changed clothes after cheerleading practice and she wasn't wearing the blouse and skirt
  she had on in the morning.
  Now, she had a pair of blue jeans and a leather vest over her blouse.
  I still had on a cotton blouse and a tight, knee-length skirt.

  I knew her jeans were going to give her a big advantage over my skirt so,
  while she teased me, I had my friend Jeanne cut the seam at the rear of the skirt so I could move my legs a little better.
  I couldn't counter the leather vest, however and its tough hide would bother me most of the fight.
  The other girls agreed to stay out of the fight unless one of us was getting hurt too bad.
  Carol had a chip on her shoulder and after the last two days I wasn't in a charitable mood either.
  We circled looking for an advantage as the others egged us on.
  Carol struck first, ducking under my hands and tackling me.
  Hampered by the tight skirt I was dumped on my ass as she pummeled my face with her fists.

  Fortunately, she wasn't much of a puncher and I deflected most of her blows with my forearms and elbows.
  I got a handful of her hair and rolled her off of me.
  We wrestled on the ground a while and I got on top of her. Since she'd hit me,
  I took the opportunity to return the favor.
  I think my punches were more effective than hers since I landed one punch on her eye

  Carol screamed and grabbed the front of my blouse and yanked me forward on my face.
  I heard a tearing sound as the front of my blouse ripped open.
  She tried to pull it off, but my arms were tangled in the sleeves.
  I was on my face with my arms tangled in the sleeves of my blouse when the sneaky little cunt put her hand up my skirt
  and raked my left thigh with her fingernails.
  My screams must have been pretty loud because the girls seemed to be more concerned about me shutting up than
  about what Carol had done to me.

  The bitch still had her hand on my leg when I finally got my arms free and I rolled over and kicked her in the chest.
  She fell back holding her chest as I got to my feet.
  Her laughing at my reaction to her dirty move didn't help to calm me.
  'You fuc..n' bitch,' I screamed, 'You better keep your hands to yourself.'
  Carol got up and taunted me, 'My, aren't we sensitive.'
  I didn't like the way things were going and her attitude wasn't helping.
  I put my head down and charged at her stomach.
  We were about four or five feet apart and as soon as I lowered my head it gave away my plan.
  As I ran at Carol, she side-stepped and grabbed me around my shoulders.
  Her weight drove my chest straight into the ground.
  I landed right on my face and that's when I cut my lip.
  She jumped up right away while I lay there with tears in my eyes trying to figure out what the Hell happened.
  Before I could get up, she jumped on my back and started to pull and tug at my skirt,
  pulling the hem up to my waist.
  As soon as she could see my panties, Carol started to spank me. I'm pretty damn proud of my ass, even today.
  Back when I was a teenager, it was firm and tight.
  Having her beating on it with both hands didn't do anything to improve its appearance,
  I can tell you.
 I lay there for a few seconds tasting the blood in my mouth and with tears running from my eyes as she spanked me.
  If she'd stopped and offered to let me quit, I probably wouldn't have wanted to continue,
  but I guess she thought that I was going to give up anyway and wanted to humiliate me a little more.
  She grabbed the seat of my panties, poking her fingernails through the thin fabric and yanked as hard as she could.
  They tore at the hips and a large piece of the fabric came off in her hands.
  I realized the cunt wasn't going to leave me with any dignity and I got angry.
  I reached around and grabbed her hair and yanked until she fell off of me. While she was next to me on the ground,
  I punched her in the mouth as hard as I could from that position.
  When I got up to my knees, she was holding her mouth where I'd hit her.
  So I straddle her and slugged her again, this time in the nose.
  It began to bleed, slowly at first, but later it bled a lot more.
  Now that I'd hurt her, I tried to get her vest open so I could my hands on her tits.
  She had a great pair for a high school junior and I hoped she was wearing falsies or a padded bra.
  That would have been a great story for me to tell everyone, even if I ended up losing.
  While I was pulling on the vest, she held it closed and tried to keep me from getting it off.
  When I got both feet on her stomach аnd pulled until the buttons finally came loose.
  With my feet in her stomach, Carol was bent over and when the buttons gave way,
  it was easy for me to pull the vest off over her head.
  Once I got it off, I went after her blouse next.
  By now, she'd recovered and was fighting back.
  We were rolling in the dirt again with me tugging at her blouse and her trying to get her hands on my bra.
  She got my bra part way off and I continued the fight with my right breast sticking out from under my bra.
  I finally got her blouse open and pulled it off one shoulder down to her elbow.
  She butted me in the chest and I lost my hold on her.
  She slapped at my face and head as I tried to duck away. When I ducked, however,
  she kicked me in the head and I thought she broke my nose.
  Blood was gushing down my face and my friends rushed in to stop the fight.
  I pushed them away because I wasn't feeling any pain and didn't want to lose this fight after all I'd put into it.
  Carol closed in with the intention of finishing me off before I could recover but,
  as I said, I didn't feel any pain. When she came close,
  I kicked her in the shin bringing a howl of pain.
  She bent to rub her shins and I got a hold of her hair again.
  I pulled and she went down on her hands and knees in front of me. I sat on her,
  forcing her to the ground. My fingers raked her back as I tried to unfasten her bra clasp while she
  wiggled and thrashed around. When I finally got the clasp undone,
  I jumped up and stepped backwards.
  I wanted her to stand up and give me the opportunity to yank off the bra,
  but she was too smart. She held her bra on with one hand while getting slowly to one knee.
  She backed over to Debbie and asked her to re-hook the bra,
  but the other girls intervened, citing Debbie's pledge to stay out of the fight.
  Only after she realized that Debbie wouldn't help her would she return to the fight,
  letting the bra hang loose around her chest.
  We both charged simultaneously and slammed together breast-to-breast as we wrapping our hands around each other.
  We jockeyed for position for several seconds, before she tripped me and we fell.
  Carol landed on top and knocked the breath out of me.
  As I was writhing on the ground she stuck her hand up my dress and scratched my other thigh.
  While she had her hand in my skirt, she grabbed the crotch of my panties and pulled them down to my knees,
  tangling my legs in my own panties.
  By now I'd caught my breath somewhat and I turned and hit her in the face with my elbow,
  snapping her head backward. I felt her go limp as I pushed her off of my legs.
  She lay still for a few seconds moaning and holding her head.
  I figured this would be an excellent opportunity to pay her back for my scratches,
  so I unsnapped her jeans and pulled them, together with her panties, down to her knees.
  Then, I knelt on the jeans which pinned her legs so I could reach between her legs with both hands.
  Digging with my nails, I tore the skin along the inside of both of her soft, white, thighs.
  Her eyes opened as she let out a blood curdling scream and sat upright,
  her eyes staring down at the damage I had done.
  We were sitting like that when Miss Colgan came around the corner of the gym and caught us.
  She was shocked at the carnage two of her 'respectable' cheerleaders were capable of.
  Miss Colgan watched us closely as we tried to straighten our clothes,
  then she grabbed us by the ears and paraded us back to her office.
  Unfortunately for us, in those days the teachers had a great deal of latitude about administering corporal punishment
  and Carol and I each got a good paddling from Miss Colgan before she called our parents to come and get us.
  In addition, she kicked both of us off the cheer squad.
  When we got home, we both got another paddling, but Carol was luckier.
  Her mother used a hair brush on her; my step-mom used a belt on me.
  We spent the rest of my senior year going to games together and actually became friendly.
  I was thinking about her a few years ago when I heard she was getting married.
  I got out my old high school yearbook. Next to her picture,
  I had scotch taped some the red hairs I pulled out during our fight.
  I'm sorry that we never got to finish it,
  because I wanted to strip her naked and spank her bare ass.


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