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Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

-- Human height affects the running? Speed dependence on human height Why are not all tall people run fast? How fast did the giants run? Is the height of a person important for fast running?

Human height affects the running? Speed dependence on human height
Why are not all tall people run fast?
How fast did the giants run?

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What height is considered a small person?

Is the height of a person important for fast running?

  Of course human height for running matters
  First of all, the tall
  This is a wide step, with the same amplitude of step , per unit of time
  A tall man will outstrip a smaller competitor,
  In the photo the tall girl on the right, ahead of the opponent,
  But do not forget that with the increase in height
  and weight of a person,
  the body of a running sprinter is affected by many factors,
  a tall person has a large body area,
  And hence greater air resistance,
  main body total

  That is, the human body as the sail of the ship,
  that is, the counterflow of air, can affect,
  At the speed of a person, in a sprint race for 100 meters,
  even a fraction of a second for victory is important,
  These fractions of a second, just can depend on the area of the human body and the oncoming airflow.
  To overcome the resistance of the air, a big and tall human
  Spends more energy than a person of small stature.
  On the photo of the women's championship on the escape,
  Pay attention to the tall and physique of athletes.
 Another point, a very important point, if not the most important,
  This is the amplitude of the work of the muscles of the legs,
  that is, the speed of ejection of your step when running,
  The speed of your pushing one leg and the speed of throwing the other leg forward,
  It's the explosive power of your muscles, the higher it the faster you run.
  It is noted that the optimal height for fast running starts from about 180 to 190 cm.
 The record holder Usain Bolt, the height a little higher,
  Its height is 195 cm, but also below two meters,
  Its uniqueness lies in the fact that its explosive amplitude with such height,
  Works as if his height is 175-180 centimeters.
  It is the high amplitude of the work of his muscles that first of all gives him an advantage in fast running,
  And the his high height serves as a good addition to the increase in speed and a reduction of 100 meters distance.
  The scientists measured the length of Bolt's steps and were surprised.
  If the step of the average runner is approximately 1.6-1.8 m, then Usain Bolt - 2.45-2.47 m.
  The Norwegian researcher Eriksen saw another Bolt phenomenon.
  While running, he relies on his foot on average 0.07-0.08 seconds,
  While the other top sprinters are 0.09-0.10 seconds.
  Hans Christian Eriksen: "The Bolt literally flies.
  His legs like a tennis ball bounce off the track.
  Muscles in such a short period of time have time to strain and relax.

  Usain Bolt is indeed very gifted with nature.
  "It is unusual from the physical point of view, it is necessary to investigate it,
  To determine the sources of this speed, "says Mark Denni, professor of biology at Stanford University.
  Having very long legs, Bolt can overcome a hundred-meter in 41 steps.
  His rivals make 44 steps.
  He has a high percentage of fast muscle fibers, which are responsible for the explosive power.
  And he can carry a load of 450 kg with each running step - this is twice the norm for an average person.
  Professor Alan Neville, a biostatistics at the University of Wolverhampton,
  That the high height of the athlete allows him to quickly dissipate heat, and his muscles,
  Thus, can do more work.
  On average, Bolt for a hundred-meter spends 40-42 steps,
  While his main competitors are Asafa Powell, Tyson Gay,
  Michael Rogers and Steve Mullings - up to 44 steps.
  At the championship of the planet in Berlin, Usain Bolt swept through the hundred-meter track in 9.58 seconds
  And 200 meters overcame for 19.19, improving their own achievements.
  According to the technical measurements of specialists
  Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt overcame a distance of 60 to 80 meters in 1.61 seconds
  On this segment, the highest average speed was registered - 12.42 m / s (44.72 km / h).
 Can people run even faster ?, time will tell, this is not the limit,
  Records have been growing over time, and what seemed impossible is quite possible today.
  As for the giants' people for two meters, they were never noticed in the running records,
  All the same with such growth, the amplitude of muscle fibers can not be, as in a man height in 175 centimeters,
  Plus a large weight of a person and a high probability of getting injured with such growth,
 Very great, one thing is the run in Yao Ming basketball.
  And another thing,
  Running out of all forces with a huge mass, no one canceled gravity either,
  Gravity only growing with the weight of the human body.
  And the big steps of the giants will not add too much speed,
  As we have said, not the frequent amplitude of the muscles of the legs.
  That's all, we came to the conclusion of what height is optimal for maximum speed,
  This is height from 180 to 195 centimeters on average,
  People below the height of 180 centimeters do not have a wide enough step,
  And people above two meters do not have a high frequency of muscle fibers,
  As people of normal growth,
  Their movements, their step can not be frequent, such is the constructive feature of big people,
  If they could still have a high frequency, then with a large mass,
  They would tear ligaments, muscles, that is, the probability of getting injured would be enormous.
  Do not underestimate people of small stature,

  For example, Roberto Carlos is a Brazilian football player, his height is 168 cm
  For example, Roberto Carlos is a Brazilian football player, his height is 168 cm
  But he ran 100 meters in less than 11 seconds.
  This is due to the explosive power and reactivity of his muscles,
  Strikes with the ball on goal in due time were also very powerful.
  And here it sounded such a question with what speed would the giants run,
  If they now lived on our planet

  Including Tyrannosaurus, how fast would Tyrannosaurus run?
  Only here is the question then or now?
  After all, then the gravity and atmosphere was different.
  One of the characters in Jurassic Park says,
  That Tyrannosaurus is able to easily overtake a jeep traveling at a speed of 50-65 km / h.
  However, many scientists are not so optimistic about sprinter abilities
  King of predators of the Cretaceous period.
  There are some that completely deny Tirannosaurus of the ability to run,
  Motivating it by the fact that it is too cumbersome for this.
  That he was eating carrion and chasing after living, agile prey was not with his hand.
  Others, such as the one already mentioned by John Hutchinson, still leave a predator with a certain propensity to run.
  But limit for him maximum speed, approximately, 18-30 kilometers per hour.
  There are also a number of scientists who are ready to confirm the statement of the fictional hero from the picture of Spielberg.
  Despite brave allegations, Tyrannosaurus, pursuing in the film a jeep,
  Moves quite a moderate pace.
  It's hard to even say that he is running. The beast simply increased the length and frequency of the step.
  And that's all. The air phase is simply absent - neither of him limbs ever come off the ground.
  Apparently, the value of the extraction is not so great as to invest heavily in its pursuit.
  And maybe the terrain does not allow him to decently decay - during the pursuit,
  Tyrannosaurus stumbles upon the trunk of a fallen tree.
  And although this obstacle was blown apart in chips,
  Nevertheless, such an obstacle could well cause serious injury and fall.
  And the fall of the giant, and at high speed - the event is very, very dangerous!
  It was estimated that with the fall of Tyrannosaurus at a speed of 70 km / h, he would have to "plow" on the belly as much as 3 meters,
  Before he stops.
  Since the two-legged theropods did not have developed anterior extremities,
  Which could at least somehow mitigate or even prevent the fall,
  Then strikes of such force on the ground should inevitably lead to serious injuries,
  Quite likely, even incompatible with life.
  Large animals have a small surface area of the body relative to their mass.
  Therefore, the mouse, jumping from a 4-meter height, will not do itself much harm,
  The fall of a person from this height can result in injuries and even death.

  The top speed of a T-Rex is 18mph (29km/h),
  while Usain Bolt can reach 27.5mph (44km/h),
  meaning he could easily outrun it - over a short distance at least.
  This artist's illustration shows a Tyrannosaurus rex,
  which lived between 85 and 65 million years ago, hunting an Ornithomimus dinosaur.


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