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Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

Welcome to the wonderful world of the obvious and an incredible

-- Two unknown heroes from Kaliningrad stood up for the weak and beat street hooligans When you were not scared, and defended the weak

Two unknown heroes from Kaliningrad stood up for the weak and beat street hooligans
When you were not scared, and defended the weak

There are unknown heroes who do not appear on television, do not go to power
But order in the streets of our cities can bring much more
than some loafers, talkers on TV.

  In the photo the criminal jumped out of the taxi and attacked the girl,
  then he beat her in the face.
  Feeling courage and mockery over the weak,
  Gopnik(Street bully) did not calm down and attacks her friend,
  he tries to hit the guy,
  And suddenly an unknown hero appears in a white T-shirt,
  a man is obviously bigger than a hooligan,
  a hooligan , who a few seconds ago considered himself a predator or alpha male,
  runs like the last coward.
  main body total

  What happened in the brain of a sadist who for a few seconds considered himself an alpha male?
  Probably this is better answered by professional psychiatrists.
  A taxi driver who brought street criminals,
  Got into a fight too, left his car on the roadway.
  The taxi driver of small height on the right, also in a white T-shirt,
  uses a gas balonchik, then after a small scuffle,
  criminals getting into a taxi, and in this video is interrupted ..
  As you know, taxi drivers are often associated with crime, but this time "a stupid taxi driver,
  Who disgraced the profession of a taxi driver and a hooligans was not lucky.

  In general, here and without specialists can be understood, everything is clear here.
  As soon as a psychopath feels a danger to his health, he becomes the last coward,
  Enter the boxing ring or tatami they are weak,
  because there their self-esteem is immediately dropped.


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