Legendary aircraft Antonov AN -2 inscribed on the Guinness Book of Records
as the world's only aircraft, which is produced for more than 60 years August 31, 1947, the first rise of the An-2 airfield Eltsovka. Novosibirsk city. thanks to simple design An-2 is easy to maintain in any conditions


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The famous legend of aircraft AN -2

  An-2 - firstborn created in 1946 OKB.
  Antonov, the only aircraft in the world, the production of which lasted more than 60 years.  
   The first flight of the prototype An-2 August 31, 1947 (pilot Volodin NP).  
   The aircraft entered service in August 1948
  The photo Soviet version troop transport An-2.
  main body total

  An-2 was produced in the USSR, Poland, and continues to be produced in China.    There were built more than 18 thousand aircraft An-2.    Export to 26 countries.

 An-2 is used as an agricultural, sports, transport,
  passenger aircraft and is in service with the Air Forces of many countries.

  The passenger version of the AN-2

  Sports and military transport, the AN-2 variant,
  instead of convenient and easy chairs,
  are hard stools, for transportation of parachutists or soldiers.  
   Throwing hard stools, aircraft completely converted into a transport option.
 The aircraft was originally designed as a multi-purpose,
  which would provide needs of civil aviation, military,  
   later he was needed for training parachutists  
   for geological and agricultural operations of small aircraft.
  The photo of An-2 Polish variant of agricultural aircraft.
  The photo of An-2 Russian variant, agricultural aircraft.
  Thanks to its simple design, easy operation of the aircraft, engine reliability,
   thanks to easy learning of young pilots, the aircraft was put into mass production.
   Small length of the takeoff and landing of aircraft allowed to operate in remote and mountainous areas.  
   An-2 was able to adequately compete with the helicopters.

  The idea of creating such a machine, as the An-2, that is,  
   multipurpose aircraft short takeoff and landing    1000-1500 kg load capacity to serve remote areas of the country,    meet the needs of agriculture and use as a light military transport, was launched by ASTC in October 1940   
  However, in February 1941 the Air Force Institute experts rejected this project, mainly because of the low speed flight - no more than 300 km / h.   
  Probably, in those years the military was almost hypnotized by the struggle for speed and just could not understand that there can be (and even very necessary) aircraft, built on the opposite principle of low velocities and high landing qualities.  
   The very same Antonov was not embarrassed that his project did not fit into the slogan above, further, faster than anyone.  
   During the difficult war years, doing the creation of high-speed fighter (in 1943-45. Anthony was the first deputy Yakovlev), he continued to bear the idea of his low-speed biplane, although it took them close failed.  
  Then all the work, regardless of time.  
   But I was not able to resist the pleasure of fits and starts, late in the evening or at night just to be able to paint it and drawing count
    I was amazed at what a great value it has for blowing propeller biplane - recalled Antonov.  
   - Sam fuselage has a small lift, and near the wings - more.
   Thus, there is a dip in the lifting force.
    It's not terribly profitable for aerodynamic efficiency and to lift.   
  And when the screw is working, it seems to fill that void, get a great distribution of lift, and once everything works very well.

 The birth of the airplane was not easy, after many obstacles officials bureaucrats  
   Antonov aircraft pilot project allowed.   
  In early 1947, the OKB-153 built a full-scale model aircraft in selhozvariante under the engine AL-21.  
   In late July 1947 the first copy of Antonov biplane was built.
    And then came the momentous day - Sunday August 31 1947goda.  
  At the plant output - recalled pilot test Volodin. - Eight o'clock.
    Weather like to order, the sky is clear.  
  About the shop staff gathered EDO.  
  By plane approached Antonov Shahatuni, Bolbot, Belolipetskii.  
   I reported to the chief designer of the aircraft is ready for the first test flight, and he just signed on the wing flight mission: 31. 08. '47 Flying permission. Antonov.

 My excitement reached its climax.   
  Decide the fate of not only the prototype aircraft.  
   Happened with the aircraft - and after that the young CB may cease to exist. About myself, I somehow did not think.   
  Thoughts were only about one thing: the aircraft must take off and sit down.   
  Sit unscathed.  
  Wearing a parachute, I got on the plane, shut the door.  
  When picked up the helm, once all the excitement disappeared as if by magic. Testing the engine, taxied on the tarmac to the start line.  
   Soon I was given the nod to take off.  
   The motor roared more serious plane stiffened impatient ... Well, come on! ..  
   Within minutes, scored 1200 m.  
   Tested action handlebars, and straight, and turns on their performance was good.   
  Having done two laps, turned the car on the decline, reduced engine speed to idle and went to the gate.
  Thirty minutes of flight with the new plane - there is no limit of joy! ..  
   Could anyone in those days, at least in the most general terms suggest what fate awaits our offspring?  
   Of course, no.
  But we all believe in him.  
   He outclassed - even with an excess - our wildest expectations.  
   August 31, 1947, the first rise of the An-2 airfield Eltsovka, Novosibirsk.

 In October 1947 the question arose: how to get the CX-1 in the suburbs for the state tests?    
  Antonov offered to parse it and send it by rail, but insisted on hop Volodin, which could be an additional step in the test and kind of advertising a new product.   
   October 10th crew of Volodin, Eskin sled and went to the CX-1 on a long journey.   
   Overcoming nearly 3,000 kilometers and made a stopover in Omsk, Sverdlovsk, Kazan and Arzamas, October 13th, the plane landed safely at the airport in the NII GVF Zakharkovo.   
   The first phase of state testing CX-1 was in the Air Force Institute.   
   Such was the order - all Soviet aircraft regardless of destination passed through the hands of the military.   
   The creator of the CX-1 is a serious concern for his fate, as military pilots at the time were keen tests prestigious jet technology.    
  They could ban Antonovskii biplane, just do not give it due attention. But nothing happened, the conclusion leading test pilot N. Sharov was quite loyal.   
  In the early summer of 1948, when the GOP came to an end, the question of the basis for their final phase - production testing.   
   At the initiative of leading engineer NII GVF Zazimko, a graduate of the Kiev Institute of Engineers CAF identified Ukraine.   
  June 10 Khrushchev received the letter of the new Chief GU GVF Lieutenant General G.F.Baydukova.  
  The document said that the MAP released prototype CX-1 design comrade. Antonov O.K. for use in agriculture, which has passed State tests to estimate perfectly.  
  Attaching great importance to further increase the use of aircraft in agriculture, sending you in Kiev to review this aircraft.

  At the same time, the situation with the aircraft as a whole was alarming.   
  For various reasons, including because of the fact that almost all aircraft factories were loaded USSR production of modern aircraft, MAP delayed the decision on the launch of the CX-1 in the series.
  Hope Antonov perfectly equipped Novosibirsk plant not justified - that has mastered the production of the MiG-9.   
  By the summer of 1948 a list of possible production enterprises for the CX-1 was very narrow: Rostov plant 168 and 473 Kiev.   
  Both did not shine nor classy equipment or qualified personnel. Seeking a way out decided to show the CX-1 Khrushchev personally.  
   June 28 he had to fly away on a business trip and arrived in the Juliani, which at that time was based detachment of government aircraft.  
  There also were driven, and the CX-1. The head of the Ukrainian government examined him, asking questions. Everyone expected from Khrushchev immediate conclusion, however, it is simpler just uttered: Think and talk later - after my return to Kiev. The event clearly failed, and then turned to Lysenko Nikita Sergeyevich with the proposal demonstrate a biplane in flight. First Khrushchev refused, but seeing the enthusiasm of the pilot, gave the nod.  
   Lysenko Ilyin ran down to the plane.  
  He ran about 30 m on the ground, the machine off the ground, performed an energetic 180-climbing, and then decreased to a height of approximately 5 meters and swept near present, spraying for effect colored water.  
   Following a few such passages Lysenko landed with low mileage. The flight lasted only 15 minutes, but the face of Khrushchev clearly says that the flying qualities of the CX-1 produced a strong impression on him.  
  It is quite another matter. Such aircraft we need, - said Nikita.  
  And he added: - When I return to Kiev, come to me, and we will decide what to do next.  
   Kiev Aviation Plant 473 was a low-power enterprise, mainly engaged in repair of aircraft and experienced great difficulties.  
   In fact, it was required to completely reconstruct.  
   This, of course, led to delays in the timing of construction of the first production instance of the aircraft and alarming Antonov.  
   In August 1948 he sent a letter to Khrushchev, which stressed that the ministry is planning for 1949. edition of only 50 aircraft and only two - the first quarter.   
  This means that in the battle for the harvest 1949 CX-1 aircraft will not participate, and its use on our farm fields and orchards postponed for 2-3 years.  
   I believe that the question of increasing the yield is so important, and the use of a powerful aircraft that can handle 7-8 hectares per minute, so cost-effectively and as quickly recoup all costs (in one season), it can not be that our country has not found the necessary resources for release of the aircraft in the necessary quantities, especially because during the war plane SH-1 can provide valuable services such as transport and air ambulance.
   That's such a difficult fate was in this aircraft.   
  December 2, 1952 order was issued in 1369 on the full MAP relocation Antonov Design Bureau in Kiev. But how fickle biography of aircraft and their designers!  
   When seemingly everything fell into place, the fate prepared creators of An-2 new ordeal.
  At the end of 1952, after the construction of 185 aircraft, government issued a decree on dismissal of the An-2 and deployment in Kiev manufacture fuselage compartments bomber Il-28.  
  All tooling for the production of AN-2 thrown into the street, shop cleared, the rain and the snow even endured three unfinished fuselage and a pair of wings. Oleg Konstantinovich very hard it survived - says Shahatuni. - He understood that if there is no series - we're finished.  
   Nor could do nothing - decree signed by Stalin. But even then he tried to temper his subordinates were not mourning, pretending nothing had happened. Of all our history - this is a terrible time.  
   Bitterness provisions could brighten up even the award for the creation of the An-2 Antonov Stalin Prize, A.Ya.Belolipetskomu, A.V.Bolbotu, V.A.Domenikovskomu, E.K.Senchuku and N.S.Trunchenkovu. In March 1953, Stalin died, and soon in the Ministry of Aviation Industry to feel the changes.
  Already in April the Minister PV Dement'ev Antonov said:
   We thought it necessary to return the An-2 in a series on the Kiev aircraft factory. These words are meant to Oleg Konstantinovich much more than all the prizes and awards. He believed: the main thing - to enable the aircraft to prove himself. He told his colleagues:  
  If you make at least 50 more pieces of the AN-2, then on his fate can be calm. And so it happened.  
  The plane started again in the series, and up to 1963 in Kiev released 3164 copies of the An-2 in different versions.  
   A total of 175 episodes, and from the 1st to the 33rd of each series, there were 10 aircraft, and with 34 minutes on the 175 th - 20.  
  Serial numbers of Kiev An-2 is interpreted as follows. For airplanes delivered within the USSR, for example, 11047303: 1 - nothing Talking figures; 10 - series number; 473 - the number of the plant; 03 - number of aircraft in the series. For airplanes delivered abroad, such as 12801: 1 - nothing Talking figures; 28 - series number; 01 - number of aircraft in the series. In 1966, the Soviet Union - to Dolgoprudnenskoe engineering plant near Moscow - started production of An-2M.
  Although manufacturing equipment, mostly came from Kiev, start the machine was hard, t. To. Before this plant was busy producing rocketry. However, in April, the company built the first 5 aircraft, and before 1971 issued 506 copies (18 episodes) An-2M. Non Dolgoprudnikov aircraft consisted of 6 digits. For example, 600,810 deciphered as follows: the first digit - the year of issue (1966), the next three - series number (008), the last two - the number of aircraft in the series (10).  
  And so was born a living legend of the legendary AN-2 aircraft.   
  Designer of Antonov is not there with us, but his cause lives,  
   thousands of aircraft An-2 flying and continue to live, and has been more than 60 years !!
  Flight technical details of the aircraft
  Modification of the An-2
  Wing span, m   18.18 m
  The length of the plane, m   12.74 m
  Height, m   4.68 m
  Wing area, m2
  top   43.55 m2
  lower   27.96 m2
  Weight, kg  
  empty aircraft   3400kg  
  maximum takeoff   5250kg
  Engine Type 1 PD Shvetsov Ash-62IR
  Power, HP 1 x 1000
  Maximum speed km / hr   250
  Cruising speed, km / h   185
  Practical range, kilometers   2000 kilometers
  Service ceiling, m 4500 m
  Crew 2
  Payload:   12 passengers or 1,300 kg of cargo
  There was also a draft of combat aircraft AN -2

  Ability to combat use of An-2 was seen even when it is created.    In April 1947 the OKB-153 (now im.O.K.Antonova ASTC) has begun to develop on the basis of his first-born of a special three-bed aircraft designed for conducting a night reconnaissance and artillery fire correction.  
   High maneuverability, sufficiently long duration flight, low control speed, the minimum run and run the An-2 is the best suited to perform specific tasks.  
  The machine, which received the designation "F" ("Fyodor"), was in many ways similar to the base model.  
  Serious changes undergone only tail and fuselage, from the tenth of the frame. This place was a cabin of the observer, is a fully glazed truss.  
   Longitudinal force elements converge to farm thin tapered tail boom. To it was attached to the stabilizer spaced keels and fixed landing tailwheel.   
  To repel attacks from the rear hemisphere fighters for upper wing installed turret WPU-1 with 20-mm cannon DB-20E.  
   Jobs crew and engine were protected by armor (its total weight - 250 kg).
  It was assumed that the aircraft can be used as a night bomber, for which it was equipped with another 20mm cannon (the right lower plane), four underwing holders 100 kg bombs and two cassettes of the fuselage for the vertical suspension of six 50-kg bombs.
  Дополнительная Информация взята вот от сюда http://www.airwar.ru/enc/craft/an2.html

  Дополнительная Информация взята вот от сюда http://www.cniokr.igps.ru/sis_pp/sr_br/avia/view.php?code=1

  Дополнительная Информация взята вот от сюда https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%90%D0%BD-2#cite_note-4

  Дополнительная Информация взята вот от сюда http://eroplany.narod.ru/bibl/shavrov2/chr3/p2/an21.htm
  Дополнительная Информация взята вот от сюда http://alternathistory.org.ua/boevoi-kukuruznik-2-sssr

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