You want to find the truth? Do you want to know the truth?
How to distinguish truth from falsehood?
Optical illusions, distortion of the real size. An optical illusion.

Do you want to know the truth?

 Most people would agree to accept the truth only    when in need. - Vladimir Fedorovich Tendriakov   
  The world is built not as you might think, given the lie as truth.  
   Plato is my friend, but the truth is more valuable - Aristotle said.
    Plato is my friend, but truth is more expensive - Aristotle said.
   Truth is reality  
   Truth - it is a real reflection of reality.
 Truth may not like us, it can be uncomfortable to many,  
   But this truth does not cease to be true.
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   Lies convenient to many lies can be beautiful so people like lies.  
   The truth may be bitter and ugly so many people do not like the truth.  
   The human brain, in some cases, is designed so that gives the illusion for reality.  
  An illusion optical illusion.

  These images are not animated, but the human brain sets them in motion.

  Look at these circles, it seems to us that they intersect each other.

  But in fact, these circles do not intersect.

  How do you think the middle dancer girl turning clockwise or against it? In both directions.

 Avg dancer reverses depending on whether which girl you first look: the one on the left or the one on the right.   
 These horizontal lines, apparently, inclined,  
   but if you look long enough, you will see that they are parallel to each other.

 A few images from an optical illusion, the illusion that the image is moving.

 The water in Lake Flathead is so transparent that it seems it is not very deep.

 But it turns out there really deep.  
  For reference:
   The maximum depth of the lake is 113 meters,
  which is more than the average depth of such reservoirs as the Yellow Sea and the Persian Gulf.  
  Optical illusions, distortion of the real size. An optical illusion.

 Ames room - a room of irregular shape, is used to create a three-dimensional optical illusion.
    Was designed by an American ophthalmologist Albert Ames.  
  The room is designed so that the man in the left corner seems to dwarf and a man in the right corner of the giant.

 Interchange of people.

  The whole point is that a person who is in the left corner is far away than a man who is on the right.  
    The room is not really a straight rectangle.  
    Front room looks like the correct root quadrangle.   
  C rear wall and two side walls parallel to each other  
    and perpendicular to the horizontal plane of the floor and ceiling.  
  However, the true form of trapezoidal rooms:  
    inclined walls, ceiling and floor are also tilted  
    Angle on the left is much further away from the observer, and the angle on the right is closer.



 Absorption effect funnel 3d.




  Illusions of view, due to the scattering of light by optical media of the eye.  
   White square on a black background seems more  
   than one of the same value of a black square on a white background.

 Mario Ponzio - Italian psychologist who in 1913 proposed the idea of   
  that the human brain perceives information about the size of the object based on the size of objects in the background.   
  To prove his idea, he illustrated the illusion of visual perception follows.   
  Black segments have the same length.

  The height of these men exactly the same.

 Green segments are the same, you do not believe?  
   Take a ruler and check.

  These bars have the same length.

  The red lines are the same length.

  The illusion of deception distance, the car seems to be a toy.

  Latest fashion in the street art - three-dimensional image-l'oeil, made in the computer 3D-style.   
  On busy central streets of London, Paris, Cologne, Amsterdam and Barcelona are dummy - no longer a rarity.   
  That huge insects, then escaping from under the bridge waterfalls and fountains,
  is racing at high speed machines, the giant laptop and even a virtual city.

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